Will A Moderator Please Shut SaveMe Oh Up

Saucey Sinister: The idea that we view food and shelter as luxory is awful! But, I’m also someone who would never be wealthy because I’d have to give it away!

SaveMe Oh: So give away your computer now

Fugazi Rubanis: You first

SaveMe Oh: When you have time to be online all day you can also take one of these kids in your home

Saucey Sinister: If my computer would feed someone instantly, I would. But I would also be feeding greed so I think that statement is dumb.

SaveMe Oh: So cut your computer in 1000 pieces and share it.

Saucey Sinister: And my computer does feed people… my family! I’m a graphic artist

SaveMe Oh: Yes sure, its all artist here, keep on dreaming. Do I have to call you a celebrity too?

Saucey Sinister: I have no idea what that is supposed to mean, but if it’s meant to upset me or insult me I’d find something better to do with your time.

SaveMe Oh: go buy Flufee for 50000 and go back to work. You think for 50000 he will disappear forever?

Saucey Sinister: I donated and what I donated is within my budget.

SaveMe Oh: How much? So I can see if I think its enough, considering you are a graphic artist

Saucey Sinister: Lol That’s funny. Adults aren’t bothered by trolls. I gave and my heart feels good. Thank you for all you peas do ❤

SaveMe Oh: Now how much to make Flufee disappear forever?

AlexandraLara: So you are the authority of what others can afford to give Save?

SaveMe Oh: How much you gave?

Saucey Sinister: No, she’s a troll. There’s a big difference.

AlexandraLara: Why is that your business?  What give you the authority?

SaveMe Oh: Its a question. What is your answer?

Saucey Sinister: How much did you donate?

AlexandraLara: I’ve asked you a question, I await your answer – what is your authority over others and their giving?

SaveMe Oh: 13 linden

Bertrand Baroque: I believe the answer is “none of your business”

Saucey Sinister: Then I win. I donated 2k. I’m better than you lol

SaveMe Oh: And when I want to donate more they banned me, as they banned 81 people who’s name start with SaveMe so they also cant donate. And they also steal my rezday as that is on 23 February

AlexandraLara: What gives you the authority over the giving of others Save? You refuse to demonstrate you have the authority

SaveMe Oh: Fuck autority

Saucey Sinister: Right. I really wish your mother banned computer access when she’s at work and you are home from school, Saveme lol

SaveMe Oh: I can think for myself

Bertrand Baroque: Crazy much?

Saucey Sinister: Right?

SaveMe Oh: My mother is outraged too.

Saucey Sinister: At least in a regular mmorpg the trolls are fun

AlexandraLara: Save, what others do with their money is none of your businesses and you have no authority over them.

SaveMe Oh: 2K, is that not very less for anybody adult? How much is that in dollars? 2 dollar? 1?

Saucey Sinister: Ok, i have to shut both of these nut jobs up. I’m closing my window. I hate losing on good pea conversation because of morons. We need chat moderators!!

SaveMe Oh: Alexandra, how much you gave?

Bertrand Baroque: Hey, I resemble that remark

SaveMe Oh: And you Bertrand?

Bertrand Baroque: and me

SaveMe Oh: Or are you using this chat for free?

Bertrand Baroque: and you and tra la la

SaveMe Oh: I already told

SaveMe Oh: 13 linden when I bought that fake artist Eupalinos, that walking forest. Luckely somebody overbid me there. Can you imagine really to have to spend time with him?

AlexandraLara: I asked you what your authority was, over other peoples giving and what gives you the right to judge, you have yet to answer. If you demonstrate you actually have the authority you are insisting you have I will answer.

SaveMe Oh: Autorities make it possible people stay poor, stay away from them

AlexandraLara: So, you admit you have no authority over others and how they decide to spend their money.

Judith Flow: Ah, I guess you thought your teachers were authorities as well then?

AlexandraLara: You are just arrogant and judgemental.

SaveMe Oh: And you are all cheapies who donate peanuts to get a good feeling and feel famous. Now thats disgusting.

AlexandraLara: You have no idea what the budgets are of people here or how much they give to the needy.

SaveMe Oh: Now make it 10 million so they can eat for a year, you decadent snobs. When you would take care of the needy every day we would not need charity

AlexandraLara: You have no idea how much the people here take care of the needy.

SaveMe Oh: where is here? In your comfort zone? Or are you in Kenia now with your field computer?

AlexandraLara: You simply like to judge people completely ignorant of any actual facts.

Renate Marchionne: While I have logged on in the middle of this fracas which somehow seems to have occurred over a charity event, I am inclined to think that every bit counts and it is far better to see half a million lindens go to feed children than none at all. Were I a struggling mother, I would gratefully welcome that help to feed my child or children. Even were it only one meal.

Evilina Arriaga: Renata — same here

AlexandraLara: Someone thinks they know how big our budgets are, how much we give to charity and how much we all serve the needy

SaveMe Oh: The snobs here could easily afford to feed them a year, but they are more busy to become a famous celebrity

AlexandraLara: And a right to judge us and tell us how much to give, and ask us how much we give

Renate Marchionne: It is more than generous for the people auctioned to donate their name and time to this worthy cause.

Samira Hoxley: No…someone is simply a troll and the more you respond the more THEY will respond, there’s no rhyme or reason to their insanity so stop playing into it and ignore them

SaveMe Oh: And to become a famous celebrity using poor people for it is decadent

Evilina Arriaga: Alexandra, I feel I have to ask why you are arguing with someone who seems a bit .  .  . trollish

AlexandraLara: Yes, and our giving and serving is of course not limited to the Madpea charity

AlexandraLara: I am not arguing  Evilina 🙂

SaveMe Oh: Now all go there and donate 10000, you babbling snobs

AlexandraLara: I’m speaking logic

Renate Marchionne: I would say, SaveMe, that you must be the change you wish to see in the world. You may begin by donating your own 10,000 to the MadPea charity box.

AlexandraLara: She asked me and others how much they gave, I wanted to know by what authority she asked.

Fugazi Rubanis: Nothing wrong with a spirited debate over the nature an necessity of charity, however I’d appreciate it if we could keep the discussion respectful and refrain from ad hominems 🙂

SaveMe Oh: I cannot donate myself as the “autorities”of madpea banned me

morpho65:  love the use of “ad hominems”

SaveMe Oh: And sorry Fuckgazi, I dont speak turkish

Renate Marchionne: That is their prerogative. There are many worthwhile real world charities devoted to the care of children that would accept your $40.

AlexandraLara: The one usings ad hominems probably doesn’t know the term

SaveMe Oh: Using those word is also know in circles of snobs

AlexandraLara: I rest my case 🙂

SaveMe Oh: He must be rich for learning such expensive words, he could spent for sure 50000

Fugazi Rubanis: Not rich, just well read and eloquent

AlexandraLara: Many enjoy trying to make themselves the judge of others, even when they have no valid information by which to judge.

SaveMe Oh: So, go use your eloquentness to donate something substantial

Fugazi Rubanis: I could say the same to you, dear, but I fear it’d make little difference 😦

SaveMe Oh: And how much those “celebrities”donate themselves? Or are they just for free on these boards? As a commercial for themselves to get rich?

AlexandraLara: We’ve already established that isn’t your business and you have no authority by which to demand such information. Concern yourself with yourself.

SaveMe Oh: Is 2500 expensive or cheap as a one week commercial for yourself?

AlexandraLara: Now you’re just being boring, Save, is this the best you can do?

morpho65morpho65 feels the words “soap, mouth, wash, out” forming in his mind..now,if only he was intelligent enough to arrange them…..

SaveMe Oh: Oh shit, my mother is coming home, have to go


Alexandra (alexandralara): Put her on, I’d like to talk to her 🙂

Rose Mackie: Will a moderator please shut SaveMe Oh up.

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