SaveMe’s 2D to 3D Workshop

Why hang framed things on virtual walls? A little workshop in the new VALO gallery.

Ranadeep: Do anything else you want. Remove this

SaveMe Oh: Its Indian art

Ranadeep: Remove this

Luna van Helsinki: its just durty


SaveMe Oh: You can derender, you said, or mute

Instincta van Helsinki: I cant see anything

Fuschia Nightfire: That’s why she is cleaning it

SaveMe Oh: wasnt it?

Luna van Helsinki: thats not lookin good

Ranadeep: Instincta can we get her out of here please?

After in IM: 

Stem van Helsinki: That was not funny

SaveMe Oh: You told me to smile

Stem van Helsinki: Yes. Don’t be rude. Nobody hates you. And its all your fault. You use a wrong way your talent. Thats pity

SaveMe Oh: I thought you liked 2d things that you can hang on a wall

Stem van Helsinki: But you dont understand who likes you and who don’t. Pity

SaveMe Oh: I dont make a difference between people who like me or not. I do what I want.

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