The Smile I Couldn’t Feed

As some SaveMe’s were banned at the first days of the FEED A SMILE charity me and my friend Kiana Writer soon came up with a sinister masterplan. What if we would feed the drama a little extra to make all these well fed idiots who are all day online pretending they are rescueing the world from behind their laptops with a bottle of chardonnay in reach pay a little more. What if we could orchestrate the drama for the good cause instead of focussing on the sad popularity contest where pseudo celabrities buy free advertising space?

A week long we prepared carefully every step until it was 23 february, my rezday and D-day.

And then the pseudo celebrities who use the poorness of children in Africa to promote themselves in a disgusting way start to threaten the organisers…..and the extra food for the kids in Africa was cancelled at the last moment.

Here a diary from last weeks negociations with the evil empire.

Kiana Writer: I was wondering.. since you somehow managed to get yourself banned from the sim.. again. Sigh.. Would you like to record a video message we could play via satellite at the big event on Sunday? 🙂 We would like to remember your rez day

SaveMe Oh: I would like to make a guest appearance and a performance, for an hour you lift the ban, rez a floor just above the boards with a stairs and I set up donation cubes where people can buy Wearables and join me in a dance. All the benefits go to your charity.

SaveMe Oh: Or you let my daddy do the set up if you dont trust me and you visit me for 10 min so I show you the plan. And when you like it you set up a music stream that goes along

Kiana Writer: Ok, I have to do some serious brainwashing but I’m all for it… Let me discuss with some of the team and if they approve, we go with that. BUT it has to be kept absolutely secret until the end, it’s a special appearance. We could make you jump off a helicopter

SaveMe Oh: Ok but instruct your army of idiots

Kiana Writer: Yes

SaveMe Oh: Let me know when I have to show you

Kiana Writer: Ok tp


Kiana Writer: Hey ㋡ Bobbi’s coming too

SaveMe Oh: I dont know a Bobby, but is ok

Bobbi Bashir: hello 🙂

SaveMe Oh: Ok here is the idea. I have 8 scenes and for every scene a dress. I sell the dresses for the good cause and the money goes to the event. You can set up the boxes with the dresses inside. I only need a platform and a music stream, thats all.

Bobbi Bashir: Ok

Kiana Writer: Ok

Bobbi Bashir: Ok we have stream…thats no issue. I saw the one dress, it was cool…reminded me of something Grace Jones would wear


SaveMe Oh: everybody can buy this”dress” and join the dance

Kiana Writer: So it’s recommended for them to wear the dresses too?

SaveMe Oh: Yes, and by buying it they contribute. We can set a price for every dress. How much would you give? 1 linden? 10? 50??

Kiana Writer: can I try one please?

SaveMe Oh: Yes, you should take your clothes off. Now I know you people are form the shopping business, This is art

Kiana Writer: So you say it’d be for an hour? Yes or 30 min. 8 scenes. But people need time to dress up

Bobbi Bashir: Ok you would have to be at the very end because everything is already in place

SaveMe Oh: And I need time to get them to buy a dress. You can set it up at 20 m with a stairs

Bobbi Bashir: Is 7pm slt doable?

Kiana Writer: That’s really late or actually early EU time

SaveMe Oh: I would like between 12 pm and 2 pm

Bobbi Bashir: we can’t, everyone has their times set already. It would have to be at 7pm

SaveMe Oh: Ok, then lets forget it

Bobbi Bashir: ok

Kiana Writer: Wait

Bobbi Bashir: Looking at the schedule. Gimme a sec

SaveMe Oh: I could also sell nude pics of Quan Lavender? Thats easier

Bobbi Bashir: lol

Kiana Writer: hahahhaha

Bobbi Bashir: well actually if you let Kess do her dj set as planned we could put you there….interrupt Kianas auction

Kiana Writer: We can do 12.30 for half an hour.. but there are a few obstacles I have to overcome. Yeah I’m being auctioned then and it’d be a nice timing to come and land the helicopter

SaveMe Oh: 12.30 for half an hour is ok, deal.

Kiana Writer: But no Quan naked pics, looool I really thought she had better taste.


Bobbi Bashir: But would u be ok with Kess playing the music? shes already booked to dj at that time

SaveMe Oh: Yes, no problem

Bobbi Bashir: Ok then im fine with this. We do have some obstacles tho as Kiana said

SaveMe Oh: You do your best

Kiana Writer: Yeah. Cos this would really be awesome. We would not announce you

SaveMe Oh: You only have to set up boxes for me with the dresses inside

Kiana Writer: You literally appear from the helicopter param operates. It’s hilarious. And start your rez day party

SaveMe Oh: I will invite people without telling them where. Only the last 5 minutes

Kiana Writer: Ok we will be doing some arm twisting and let you know

SaveMe Oh: When I have to beat up people let me know. I take Fuschia maybe to make a movie

Bobbi Bashir: you do realize i cant unban you until sunday tho?

SaveMe Oh: You losers do what you like

Bobbi Bashir: We cant have u over there if youre going to interrupt the event lol

SaveMe Oh: I don’t care

Bobbi Bashir: ok 🙂

SaveMe Oh: and when you fuck up I will find you

Bobbi Bashir: hahaha u dont scare me saveme 🙂

SaveMe Oh: Maybe I kiss you to dead

Bobbi Bashir: its all good ..i enjoy some good fun

SaveMe Oh: I am the clown of the block

Bobbi Bashir: Well your blogs are very entertaining..and well written

SaveMe Oh: ty

Bobbi Bashir: I wont lie, I like them

SaveMe Oh: Everybody likes them but they dont dare to say

Some moments later the next idea came:

Bobbi Bashir:We like to do a short skit involving you..a video

Bobbi Bashir: 2 press guys, one with camera and one interviewer, sneaking to helipad where the celebrities are landing..they find a good location to film and helicopter lands and out comes Jaimy Hancroft and Harter…the press guys are talking like “oh the helicopter is landing, and omg its Jaimy and Harter!”

They hear a crunch of the bushes surrounding them and they look, its SaveMe Oh with her camera trying to get a peek at the celebs. The press guys tell her to beat it and ask her “dont you have a rez day party to be at or something to host SaveMe?” one press guy yells “Can someone please ban her?”

Screen goes to Kiana, with about land open, adding all the SaveMe avatar names to banned list..SaveMe poofs, and screen goes to her under the land, in a cave kicking and screaming she wants to see the celebrites 🙂 or something to that affect…then have someone announce, like theyre at the celebrity event, since SaveMe Oh couldnt be here today, we are taking you to her via sattelite and then have SaveMe on the screen,

Big face shot, and she can say i couldnt be there today because that goddamn madpea crew banned me from the sim and have her start babbling and then cut the video feed and just hear saying get back here, hey…and then cut the mic feed :))

Bobbi Bashir: but instead of cutting the feed we could have u swoop in in the helkipcopter. Kiana and I have been trying to find a way to include u in this and make it fun.

Then the preparations for 23 February: 

Kiana Writer: We make it all ready and just turn it invisible

SaveMe Oh: And then it also doesnt distract from what is in the sim

Kiana Writer: The helicopter can drop you there then. We need a big sign for you 😀

SaveMe Oh: Like Sanctuary, reservation or Zoo? And dont make Bryn or Eupalinos drive the helicopter, they might prefer to make it crash

Kiana Writer: You’re going to crash my auction

SaveMe Oh: Ok, then I can also make some hints to that in my blog. That I am gonna make you pay heavy for stealing my rezday. Real good drama

Kiana Writer: Yes, but don’t promote it.. cos it’s going to be a total shock.. with my crew going ‘didn’t we ban her!’

SaveMe Oh: I will keep the secret, only that I will personally blame and punish you for all you did to me  and steal my rezday. And that you think to feed some kids in africa is more important than the rezday of the most important avatar from SL

Kiana Writer: laughs

But then on 23 february, SaveMe Oh’s 7th rezday:

Bobbi Bashir:SaveMe,,,I am sorry but we cannot do this event with you tomorrow, it is not in our best interest nor the kids of Kenya that we are raising the money for, say what you like about me and MadPeas, but we will not compromise our views and beliefs to appease a bully

SaveMe Oh: The deal is off?

Kiana Writer: Yeah I’m pissed. I know this will to wherever 😛 But I will still say this carefully

SaveMe Oh: Why?

Kiana Writer Personally I find what you do pretty damn impressive. I don’t mean the art. People are intimidated by you. Too many people were pulling out, Bobbi had to make the decision last night. I’m not saying if that’s right or wrong, but the position you have got yourself in with your reputation, not many can do that. I am probably one of the few who can actually see it and I find it sad more people don’t.

SaveMe Oh: And you are not gonna tell me who were gonna pull out?

Kiana Writer: Oh come on, you know I’m smarter than that

SaveMe Oh: I do, but you never know

SaveMe Oh: haha

Kiana Writer: hahahah

SaveMe Oh: Well its a pity, it was carefully prepared.

Kiana Writer: I agree

SaveMe Oh: And it’s worse for you than for me as you have to work with those idiots everyday.

Kiana Writer: Oh, Happy rez-day! It’s quite a bit you’ve accomplished in 7 years!

SaveMe Oh: I will search a place were I can celebrate it all alone

SaveMe Oh: Maybe one day they will organsise an event to feed my smile

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