I Have A New Therapist

Meet my new therapist Stem van Helsing.

On my first therapy session he tried to explain me this:


Stem van Helsing: Is hate art coming a new art genre of Second Life?

Hate speech takes different forms in different new media. For example, the hate speech produced on online news portals and social networks may be related to the agenda. Particularly, aggressive and abettor hate speech like “The best Art in SL is free and 3D one”. Hate speech migh produced on video sharing networks may be related to the agenda considering how and when it is produced. However, it is also independent from the agenda as it is circulated at different times. Hate speech circulated through video sharing networks continue to exist and spread hatred as the videos with such a content are copied by different users of the global network, like blogsites and art groups. The hate speech produced in different kind of artworks and it could seemed good and talented, on the other hand, is completely based on generalizations and prejudices targeting “others” (who may be everyone all over SL art field) and most of the time it is not correlated with the agenda.

I have studying and teaching anger as an artist’s equipment to make art. Mostly it comes up in some persons thoughs via their capability to understand art as a mindmapped process. This seems to belong persons talent to process art and artworks in way to their brain to hand. If this process have some frustrating the normal way is feel anger. Our anger has several facets. It can be a protection against feeling our hurt and vulnerable parts, and it can also be a projection onto another of what we do not like about ourselves. Anger can also incite change and help bring our essential passion, purpose, and initiatory strength in the world.

It is necessary to build a strong separate ego self to survive in the practical world. Our psyches are made up of different unintegrated parts of self, sometimes called sub-personalities – each having their own perspectives, feelings, memories, goals and motivations. Let’s explore two of the parts that we all have inside, the inner child and the protector/guard in relationship to anger.

Lets see whats happen in Second Life art genre. It is interesting process.

Now I only need someone to explain me what he means?

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