International Women’s Day 2014

Where could a nice woman like me go on a night like this?

Medora Chevalier: Hi SaveMe, could you reduce the prims please, they are bothering some of the people here

Medora Chevalier: Thanks – appreciated 🙂

Medora Chevalier: Sorry, please remove that, its too much for people

Medora Chevalier: Ok, I asked politely, I dont want people not to enjoy their evening. Byebye.


Thrown out of Hippie Heaven I tried a gallery…

ByrneDarkly Cazalet: Hi SaveMe I do appreciate the light show but it is making things very laggy. Could you please turn it off after this song? This is just putting strain onthe graphics in the gallery.

SaveMe Oh: So remember for the next time not to put the place so full of shit

ByrneDarkly Cazalet: What? You could have asked inthe first place.

SaveMe Oh: I think you are in my screen, and you also didnt had to ask

ByrneDarkly Cazalet: Please turn it off.. I dont like to  eject people… I dont want to have to but you are are overstepping. Save me..please

SaveMe Oh: I am busy with saving you. Next time make the space bigger, without walls

ByrneDarkly Cazalet: This is a group art show of paintings… and it is an opening for that art specifically.


Thrown out of the gallery I tried the always openminded gay community…

Bock McMillan: Sorry SaveMe. We already have problems with lag. Could you please stop rezzing stuff

SaveMe Oh: I insist of being banned

Bock McMillan: If you insist my friend you will have it

SaveMe Oh: If there is no other option….

Thrown out out of the house of my lawyer I tried a warmed up gallery which we hoped had been gone forever, but no, they re-opend…


SaveMe Oh: So Feathers Boa. Did you miss me?

Feathers Boa: Yeah i sure did

SaveMe Oh: When you resurrected?

Feathers Boa: A few months ago, sorta

SaveMe Oh: who forced you to?

Feathers Boa: Georg

SaveMe Oh: Omg, still?

Feathers Boa: Yeah he haunts me like a ghost dog

SaveMe Oh: I thought he was dead

Feathers Boa: He did die but came back as a zombie

Scottius Polke: BRAINS!….ON A STICK!!!

SaveMe Oh: Eatable zombie?

Feathers Boa: no he would taste gross

SaveMe Oh: And you are still in the hanging things on virtual walls business?

Feathers Boa: I did this show, but i am not showing anywhere else. I have a job in RL

SaveMe Oh: Finally, we all hoped for that

Feathers Boa: Keeps me busy. Keep me away from here right?

claudia222: Hi save

SaveMe Oh: Dont hi me, Claudia, I know what you try to do with my daddy

claudia222: loll

SaveMe Oh: And you can pretend to be a whole woman now but I know better

Scottius Polke: More than a woman…to me

Feathers Boa: I am only half a woman

SaveMe Oh: No, Claudia is. Now dont take her lines

Feathers Boa: Why not?

SaveMe Oh: Because that confuses me

Feathers Boa: Oh good. I like confusion

Feathers Boa: How are you little otter?

Scottius Polke: Awakening. So far so good

Feathers Boa: Sounds like you’ve been busy in RL too

SaveMe Oh: Yes, he saved so much ducks

Scottius Polke: From the dogs or vice versa. Those geese can be mean.


Orsini Tarantal: Those dolls with mask remind me ETa members so much damage done to us, I do not like

SaveMe Oh: Good finally some art touches somebody

Patrick Cournoyer: International women day : pussy riots and hiqabs : wow !

SaveMe Oh: Ah, somebody know history better than the Spanish. What a relief

Orsini Tarantal: I’m Spanish

Feathers Boa: what about histrionics Save Me Ho?

SaveMe Oh: Yes, thats why you are ETA obsessed

Orsini Tarantal: 800 innocent dead are more than an obsession, you respect that?

SaveMe Oh: I respect nothing, hate that word

Feathers Boa: Now you’ve walked into SaveMeHo’s trap…

SaveMe Oh: Artist who use respect are not artists. They are hippies

Patrick Cournoyer: Your statement is a bit radical, SaveMe

Scottius Polke: What about Aretha Franklin?

SaveMe Oh: Artist statements have to be radical otherwise its not art

claudia222: But whats drama then

Patrick Cournoyer: What’s radical at one point becomes deja vu sometimes later

claudia222: I believed thats radical

Feathers Boa: SaveMeHo is the expert on what is and isn’t art

Orsini Tarantal: I’m not an artist I need to prove anything

Patrick Cournoyer: it has become like fashion

Feathers Boa: What do they call people who like to draw attention to themselves everywhere they go?

SaveMe Oh: Attention whores?

Feathers Boa: Attention SaveMeHos

SaveMe Oh: But at least I dont warm up old stuff

Feathers Boa: I do that’s what microwaves are for

SaveMe Oh: But Feathers, I am so happy you are back

Feathers Boa: You remind me what I left behind and I missed it

Orsini Tarantal: Here are several authors, losprotagonistas is they, not you 🙂

SaveMe Oh: Dont let me hold you back to go look at the great art hanging here on virtual walls. Pretend I am not here

Feathers Boa: Or you can stare at the wheelchairs and taliban ladies.The “real” art here

SaveMe Oh: Yes, and who wants to do that? Not me.

Fabilene Cortes: Save, you were invited for an exhibition made by 5 people, I don’t remember inviting you for showing anything ? or am I mistaken ?

SaveMe Oh: Fabilene, maybe you should make the hallways a little bigger

Fabilene Cortes: Save, I wrote to you an IM, can’t you read ?

SaveMe Oh: I never read IM dear when I am working.

And just when I want to throw a nice herring at Scottius to celebrate the smell of International Woman’s day 2014 Fabilene throw me out.

5 thoughts on “International Women’s Day 2014

  1. Awww my sweet client, here I was trying to oblige your wishes 😉

    Thank you so much for coming to the party to share Tom and my happiness, SaveMe, and sorry you had to leave in such a hurry but I completely understand that you had a busy evening.

    As you have already been informed I have removed the ban after the party and you are welcome to rez your flocks of sheep or vacuum cleaners again at anytime you choose. Well, until the next time we throw a party when there will be a new temporary ban on rezzing unwanted shit. 😉

    Hugs dear, no hard feelings I hope!

    • In a way it’s a relief to be banned as arriving in unwanted shit belongs not to the most happy moments of an artists life. It is always shocking in a way to see how people with normally a clean mind end up in such boring circumstances. And the task to change everything to the good without proper preparation feels like a heavy burden sometimes and then a ban can feel like salvation.

      • My dear Ms Oh, I can understand the strain such events cause you and it worries me greatly.

        I would suggest that next time you contemplate coming to one of my parties you contact me first and I will inform you about the boring circumstances you will encounter. In that way you can refrain from coming and being subjected to such boredom. You can instead go use your many-splendored talents on a more worthwhile and appreciative audience.

        Hugs, sweet child

      • Although knowing all in advance is wished by many I prefer to suffer the faith in that once in a while positive surprise.

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