Message To Stupid

On Facebook my dear friend the Duke of Arado and I reviewed last weeks events.

The Duke of Arado: Message to stupid: You added me again to the group, I quit immediately and prevented you from adding me again.

SaveMe Oh: I will keep trying once in a while, dear Duke of Arado, out of a warm empathy for the ones who are lost.

The Duke of Arado: Don’t bother stupid, I checked a box that doesn’t allow you to invite me again.

SaveMe Oh: BTW, did you get the invitation for last weeks LEA 10 performance? You would have loved it.

The Duke of Arado: I noticed you stole our concept of “no audience, just participants”. Were there many people offended by the freebies you gave?

SaveMe Oh: I even used a Kikas Babenco animation. Unfortunatly she seem to have unfriend me so would you be so kind to thank her for the great work she did?

The Duke of Arado: You stole also from us the lines for the queue. But the most important theft was our concept of “no audience, just participants”. No wonder you did your best to sabotage our performance at Alpha Auer where we presented that concept for the first time.

Lining up 1


The stolen lines

The Duke of Arado: You are really stupid beyond belief. Besides being a liar and a criminal. And a thief. Btw, don’t bother offering friendship to Kikas again like you just did.

SaveMe Oh: I don’t discuss with you who I offer friendship to if you don’t mind

The Duke of Arado: I don’t mind.

SaveMe Oh: But thanks for the great inspiration you were always. Reminding me that I did not post one of our old pics today. Give me a sec.

The Duke of Arado: “great inspiration” translated: “robbery”



Kikas & The Duke destroying works SaveMe had stolen from Magritte and Rubens

SaveMe Oh: You can keep my donkey. I won’t report it stolen!

The Duke of Arado: Your donkey? it’s a freebie on the marketplace

SaveMe Oh: This one was special

The Duke of Arado: Don’t know why it’s special, but if a liar like you says so…

Enjoy stealing our ideas! Anyway, many complaints about the freebies you gave away?

SaveMe Oh: Stealing? Participation I thought?

The Duke of Arado: I’m not really talking to you in case you haven’t noticed, but to the readers of these comments. You are too stupid too understand that.

SaveMe Oh: And I did not give away freebies. What you think I am? A shopowner or something? I handed out dresses for participants.

The Duke of Arado: So did we give away wears for the participants at Alpha Auer.

The Duke of Arado: Have you talked yet to a criminal lawyer in RL about stalking, death threats and hate speech?

SaveMe Oh: My lawyer is all the time spending his time in expensive gay party’s. But I will try to contact him again.

The Duke of Arado: You and your dear wife Rose Borchovski destroyed our career in SL, thanks very much for that. Those thanks should be extended to your gang of witchhunters.

SaveMe Oh: For destroying your career in SL I prefer you take the credits completely yourself.

The Duke of Arado: Yes, I’m not surprised you think that, after all it’s you who thinks anything about you is “marvelous”.

SaveMe Oh: Someone has to think I am marvelous, it better be myself.

The Duke of Arado:  Children usually stop thinking like that at about 6 years of age.

SaveMe Oh: Funny, with me it must have started from 6 years of age. Before that I can’t remember very well.

One thought on “Message To Stupid

  1. I have destroyed their career ? What a weird accusation! I always have been a great supporter right from the beginning ! But if asking Marmaduke politely to stop insulting and harassing his friends and stop dragging HiItler into the picture means destroying their career, he completely missed the point. It was an attempt stopping him destroying his own career. It was an attempt to make peace and an invitation to make a new start and not to destroy all the beautiful memories we share.

    I tell you what Marmaduke, you might get a kick out of destroying everything what was good,but please also have to balls to be honest and stop accusing others of what you are guilty of yourself!

    And what happened to that strong woman you portray in your shows, did she loose the ability to speak for herself, was it all fake and pretend???

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