Obey Your Leader

Thirza Ember: Hello my leader!

Solo Mornington: Hope you are not thinking you are an artist now?


Thirza Ember: Me? I made nothing of this, I swear! All my things are well hidden from your eyes on my own grid. You look like Stelarc, if you allow me to say

Solo Mornington: Stelarc would wish he looked like me

Thirza Ember: He has 3 ears

Solo Mornington: My ears are situated much better

Thirza Ember: I think that hippo is horny, hihi.

Solo Mornington: I prefer you won’t make suggestions in a sexual context

Thirza Ember: Let me delete the hippos if they annoy you


Solo Mornington: I prefer not to add any prims here in this non-LEA land

Thirza Ember: Me neither, really!


Solo Mornington giving directions to Junivers Stockholm and Ampel Goosson

Ampel Goosson: Interesting artist statement, mister Mornington!

Solo Mornington: If I may say so myself, a giant step for the international art world. Why you don’t apply for a LEA sim to do something serious?

Ampel Goosson: May I offer you my sweet smelling purse instead?

Thirza Ember: I have no money so I would be happy to accept some LEA charity.


Cat Shilova: OH NO, Mister Solo Morninton

Kandinsky Beaumont: Hi!

Cat Shilova: If I had known this was the dressing code I would have come naked of course?

Solo Mornington: Ladies, I came here to offer my LEA experience

Thirza Ember: How can we accept such a great offer?

Kandinsky Beaumont: Only in my wildest dreams I could think Solo Mornington would visit my small little sim.

Cat Shilova: It’s really a big honour Kandi!


Solo Mornington: I want to lead this all in a structured and decent way

Cat Shilova: Decent?

Solo Mornington: I know this is a difficult word for you, Cat, but yes. Decent.

Cat Shilova: My question was not a protest; I was overwhelmed by a feeling of great hope for the near future.

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