How Much Do You Love SaveMe Oh? Do The Test Now!

Answer 8 questions and count your points.


How likely are you to introduce yourself to SaveMe Oh?

1. Of course, she is the greatest virtual artist of our time

2. If I have to, but I would try to go as a furry

3. Absolutely not, I’d rather kill myself

A friend comes to you with a major problem caused by SaveMe Oh. How do you respond?

1. Impart a measure of SaveMe’s vast wisdom

2. Do whatever I can to explain my friend it’s art

3. Sit awkwardly and wonder why I had not caused that problem

You witness someone insulting SaveMe Oh. What do you do?

1. Find out why SaveMe is right, and realise it means going against your friend

2. Calmly kill the offender of SaveMe Oh, and then act as a mediator to figure out who has to pay for the funeral.

3. Make that guy wish he’d never been born

How do you react to unfair and unpleasant circumstances forced upon SaveMe Oh?

1. Do whatever I have to do to change the circumstances for her

2. Be extremely unfair and unpleasant to the ones who did this to her

3. Destroy the place to the ground and create a better place

What is your favorite name?

1. Save

2. Me

3. Oh

Are you always smiling when you see SaveMe’s work?

1. Yes

2. It depends if she want me to smile

3. Why would I smile? I have just been to a Bryn Oh exhibition

Which of these was your favorite book?

1. Save Me the Waltz by Zelda Fitzgerald

2. Save Me by Lisa Scottoline

3. Save me from the lion’s mouth by James Clarke

What kind of friend of SaveMe you are?

1. I have no other friends anymore, but the only one I have, SaveMe, is the best in the world

2. I’m friends with everyone if she allows me

3. Most people are now too scared to be also my friend

Now check your result: 

8-12 points

You are a lover of SaveMe Oh

Creative and playful, you bring a breath of fresh air even to the tensest situations aroud SaveMe Oh. You might be shy at first, but you are lighthearted and love to laugh with her, and those around you find your love for SaveMe contagious.

12-16 points

You are a devotee of SaveMe Oh

Friends and strangers alike look to you for the same hope and healing you received from SaveMe Oh. The strength and courage she gave you made you able to share tenderness, enabling you to bring comfort and hope to the hurting.

16-20 points

You are an acolyth of SaveMe Oh

You can appear rough on the outside, and have trouble knowing how to help, but since you found SaveMe  you are a steadfast and loyal friend.

20-24 points

You are a protector of SaveMe Oh

Reserved and cryptic, you do not easily let others see your emotions. However, you are known for your power and your great wisdom to protect SaveMe Oh.

One thought on “How Much Do You Love SaveMe Oh? Do The Test Now!

  1. How [furry]
    friend(s) [explain(s)]
    witness(es) [of]
    SMO [ unfair]
    name? [Oooooooooh]

    *Smiling* [depends]
    Which [lion’s mouth]
    one? [‘s care]

    (after Jacques Brel said “Ik ben een Amsterdammer” (or something like that), who can honnestly pretend not beeing some, beyond love and hatred we feel for art who clinks on cage’s bars of human zoo:-)

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