LEA Committee Hires Christian Fundamentalist Hit Squad

When I spent some of my precious time to upgrade the depressing LEA17 sim of my dear friend Pixels Sideways, who personal invited me there, I noticed I was in no time under strict surveillance.


SaveMe Oh: Ah, the BURN2 army is also on guard? Hey Slatan, idiot, what are you doing here? Did they release you from church? You don’t have to work at Guantanamo bay today?

Slatan Dryke: Move from here please, right now

SaveMe Oh: shut up

Slatan Dryke: This is not the place for your show

Cat Shilova: Do you consider standing with sheep a show…?  Then we have to find a new definition for show!

Slatan Dryke: You are a broken record SaveMe.

SaveMe Oh: Fuck off, did I already say that? Go back to your Burn2 church

Slatan Dryke: Offending me, is this a peacefully talking?

SaveMe Oh: And don’t try to christen us here!

Slatan Dryke: Shit up Save!

Cat Shilova: Slatan, you are the bully here!

SaveMe Oh: We don’t want your buddy on the cross or you think he belongs to the philosophers here?

Lollita Larkham: Haha, longtemps que j’avais pas rencontré un specimen. Attention, j’appele mes cousins

Slatan Dryke: Well let’s continue your silly show

Lollita Larkham: Only silly people here please

SaveMe Oh: The LEA really hired that idiot? It’s really going down the drain here. I wonder if Quan gave him the job after a hot job interview

Lollita Larkham: what is his job?

SaveMe Oh: Kill me

Lollita Larkham: He’s from LEA staff?

SaveMe Oh: I fear he is as I saw him fly here before

Lollita Larkham: wow, so aggressive

SaveMe Oh: Slowly the idiots take over here for some free land

Pixels Sideways: I was afk on the phone  wtf just happened?

Lollita Larkham: free lands have no numbers just as free peoples

SaveMe Oh: the LEA hit squad inspected your place

Lollita Larkham: They detected you, that’s why, lol

SaveMe Oh: Luckily I was sweet as a newborn lamb


Lollita Larkham: They have a special radar for you

Pixels Sideways: what?   The only two people at LEA I coordinate with are PatricaAnne and Solo

Lollita Larkham: In France we have a new special radar, called Vals

SaveMe Oh: Yes, keep on dreaming, Pixels. What the philosophers say about people who pretend to be blind?

Lollita Larkham: I’ve already forgotten him…

Pixels Sideways: He’s an LEA Volunteer so he shouldn’t be instigating or investigating

Lollita Larkham: What a boring job he got

SaveMe Oh: In dictatorships the volunteers are always lining up in hordes

Lollita Larkham: Make police on pixels in a screen. lol!! I can’t believe it

Lollita Larkham: modérateur de forum en 3D

SaveMe Oh: Be glad you don’t have to feed the avi’s who are part of the self acclaimed police force.


Recommended reading on Slatan Dryke:



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