LEA = Respect

After the rangers successfully did some pest control on the Burn2 sims resulting in a peaceful and decent art area on Christian grounds and values the LEA committee begged the rangers to do the same job on the LEA sims who are recently under attack of artists who refuse to obey to community standards, TOS and general etiquette.

And the LEA committee is proud to announce that the White Tiger Rangers were willing to engage the task of some pest control on the LEA sims.

The most important rule they will enforce from now on every LEA sim is: Respect.


Our White Tiger Rangers here, under the command of Slatan Dryke, have a great respect for the new artists, for the regular LEA visitors, and all other guests who want to visit BUT; Nobody will be abused here anymore, nobody will be allowed the use of any harsh words or swearwords.

The LEA sims will be turned into a place for all who are searching for a nice, calm art sim, or for help of any kind.  The White Tiger Rangers will assist you in your attempts not to annoy each other and will prevent you from the use of weapons of mass gestures or griefing or anything else like this.


Neither will the LEA sims ever be again the grounds for any Drama.

If you have a problem with any other user here just hand over the name to the White Tiger Rangers and the problem will be fixed or just right click their Avatar and choose exterminate.

Everyone can keep visiting LEA if they respect our will for a peaceful sim.

You can wear your weapons while you are here if they are part of an outfit, but don’t dare to use them or we will blow you away forever. Always remember too that we are a G-rated Sim, which means no swearing, nudity of adult talk or gestures.


Always remember that behind every avatar sits a real person, with real feelings, real emotions, just like you. Even when the avatar is dressed up as a typewriter or pretends he is a superhero.


We all hope you enjoy your stay here and will be coming back soon.

With all best wishes

The White Tiger Rangers and the LEA committee.e

A three month training program is available at our White Tiger Rehablitation Centre (only for serious and decent students):


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