Love Before You Kill

Today I released the third movie of my “coat” trilogy. As I did with the more than 100 movies I made before I also add it to AviewTV, a platform special created for machinima that I support already for a long time. In the AviewTV sim in secondlife I did my ScreenMe performances (attachments with live movie streaming on its textures) and AviewTV owner LaPiscean Liberty helped me out with special links that made it possible to stream my movies one after another during the ScreenMe performances.

Only thing that could stand in between a warmer relation between me and LaPiscean was when he joined the LEA dictatorship where he had to join forces with notorious wannabe rulers of the international virtual art scene Solo Mornington, Jayjay Zifanwe and Quan Lavender.

But I never noticed a change in his attitude towards me and as always it did not take long before he “liked” my new video on VIMEO. (see bottom right of the pic)



But today when I added as usual my new movie to AviewTV it disappeared after some minutes…..

SaveMe Oh: My movie was online on AviewTV and disappeared again. What happened?

LaPiscean Liberty: Quan flagged it for removal. I guess over some pictures.

SaveMe Oh: And? Is she your new boss now?

LaPiscean Liberty: I don’t have time right now Save

SaveMe Oh: I don’t accept censorship. So let me know the reason of your decision when you have time.

LaPiscean Liberty: Ok.

When I added the movie a few times again after it was removed I got a message from the HEAD CENSOR of AviewTV Secret Rage

Secret Rage: SaveMe this is your only warning…if you wish to keep your account on AviewTV you will stop reposting the film you have reposted and reposted after it being removed for due cause and being told not to post it…I am the chief operating officer for Aview and I am insisting you stop. This is not a discussion. If you post it one more time you will be suspended from any further posting on AviewTV.

SaveMe Oh: First start with explaining what is exactly the problem?

Secret Rage: You are many things…stupid is not one of them…please don’t try to play me. You know exactly what the problem is…

SaveMe Oh: So I have to think myself very deep what is your problem with my movie?

Secret Rage: It was someone else’s problem…and it is our position not to support this video…as I said…this is NOT a discussion. You were told not to repost it. You did. Many times.

SaveMe Oh: I was not told that. I only saw it removed and removed without explanation

SaveMe Oh: And I am still waiting for yours.

Secret Rage: You may not post videos that violate not only people’s privacy but TOS as well…not to mention it was a personal attack, as an aside

SaveMe Oh: Who’s privacy is violated, what TOS is harmed and who is personally attacked besides myself?

Secret Rage: Look…as I said…this is not a discussion…I have had you muted for months and only took you off in an official capacity…which is now complete….and I am putting you back on mute

SaveMe Oh: So you refuse to give me an answer for your censorship?

Secret Rage: I already did…it isn’t censorship…it is the rules of secondlife…if you don’t like it…start your own grid…goodbye.

To have a look on the dangerous work here the 3 movies of the  trilogy were (until now) only the last one is a problem for AviewTV.

I’ll meet you on the other side

If you get across before I do

Disappear for a while

5 thoughts on “Love Before You Kill

  1. Saveme, read your post again, then engage your brain.
    You do not practice what you portend to preach.

    Wake up tomorrow and don’t be a dick, you’ll find the change to be refreshing.
    It gets old after a while.

    [06:49] Lorin Tone: (Saved Sun Apr 06 07:23:12 2014)talk about drama queen., zhsszh.
    [06:49] Lorin Tone: (Saved Sun Apr 06 07:25:44 2014)holy shit, that was pathetic. your mascara has worn overly thin.
    [06:49] Lorin Tone: (Saved Sun Apr 06 07:26:01 2014)what a joke.

    • I wish you would engage your brain and ask yourself if you love the movie. And even when you don’t love it ask yourself if it is up for censorship in the 21th century.

  2. I never dealed with that Secret Rage in connection to AviewTv, but always with LaPiscean Liberty without any problem. But the parallels with LEA are ofcourse obvious. Secret Rage and LaPiscaean organise machinima events in LEA2. LaPiscean is part of the LEA dictatorship together with Solo Mornington and Quan Lavender and Jayjay Zifanwe, And so we see the art mafia of SL have its tentacles with a firm grip on what the viewers and audiences are allowed to see or not to see. And connected with the blogs from Honour McMillan (also part of the LEA dictatorship} and Quan Lavender they also have a perfect propaganda platform to steer the masses. And with the latest connection with the White Tiger Rangers who are finished with the christening of Burn2 they also brought in some moral muscles to finish everybody off with a different opinion.

  3. Possibly Petula Clark had issues with the bad Karaoke? Other than that it’s quite a fascinating movie and very well spoken by “Janet” I assume? Love the different sets almost Daliesque (is that a word?).

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