Sorry I Am Not Smart Enough To Be A CEO

SaveMe Oh: You already have time to tell me the reason of your decision?

LaPiscean Liberty: It wasn’t my decision, but I do have to stand behind the decisions of the people that work for AviewTV If for some reason what She did was wrong or unjust, I may have superseded, but she did not.

SaveMe Oh: But don’t you think that at least a clear reason has to be given, if it is your decision or someone else’s?

LaPiscean Liberty: and I the parties involved resend the order down, I will reinstate the video and your account. You account was suspended due to repeated posting of the film, once it as down, not because of the video itself.

LaPiscean Liberty: And Save, I have to tell ya, I feel really bad. It’s just one video. And ya have it on vimeo and places. Can’t we just let this one video go?

SaveMe Oh: I can understand the trouble, but this really gets down to censorship, that’s why I can’t let it pass. Nothing personal. But it touches really to the basics of freedom.

LaPiscean Liberty: censorship perhaps, I’m not by any means pro censorship, but I’m also a spokesperson for a community involved project, to wit, AviewTV. The standards we set, we have to practice. Again Save, I’m truly sorry, I really did like the video.

SaveMe Oh: But back to the start, don’t you think it is normal practice that first comes an explanation why and after a discussion if it’s right or not. So you allow one of your associates to censor videos because she doesn’t like my nose?

LaPiscean Liberty: If in fact she censored it because of your appearance, it would be up on Aview now, but you know s well as I and the whole community now, why it was really pulled.

SaveMe Oh: Does an artist have the freedom to make what she wants?

LaPiscean Liberty: does the community have the right to act accordingly?

SaveMe Oh: Does the community not have to make clear on what grounds then? What are exactly the grounds???

LaPiscean Liberty: The community has to do nothing, except act accordingly to however the community will act upon it.

SaveMe Oh: Nudity, satire, surrealism, narrative? What? Did owners of AviewTV complain?

LaPiscean Liberty: no

SaveMe Oh: Is AviewTV based in a country where there is no freedom of expression?

LaPiscean Liberty: it was a private citizen of SL. And you know it.

Snapshot_001 (2)

LaPiscean Liberty: Stop baiting Save. I’m not smart enough to engage you in a battle of wit.

SaveMe Oh: Is a pixelate private citizen of SL with a fake name party in this?

SaveMe Oh: Pity that the:

University of Western Australia / Virtual Media Advisor

LEA Linden Endowment for the Arts / Committee Member

Videopathic Machinima Gallery / Curator

Cutting Edge Concert Events / Media Director / Founder & CEO / Founder & CEO

….is at once not smart enough to give clear answers.

LaPiscean Liberty: ignorance is bliss

SaveMe Oh: So I am alone in this? As you wish!

LaPiscean Liberty: no not at all Save, you have made pretty much the whole community at one time or another involved. I may not agree with you, but I do stand up for your right to free expression

SaveMe Oh: to get everybody involved is the task for an artist

LaPiscean Liberty: Some people follow an Artist, Some people follow the Art. In your case, I have followed both. You are very emotion invoking, this in itself is a great power. How you choose to wield this power is within yourself. I guess in the end, it’s the response you get from the community, which feeds the need of the Artist.

LaPiscean Liberty: We teach others how to treat us. 🙂

SaveMe Oh: I would love if you teach the ones around you what freedom means

LaPiscean Liberty: as if taken from one of your own writings, what would freedom be, without Liberty:)

SaveMe Oh: Jokes from the one who abuse power are never funny.

LaPiscean Liberty: I’m crying Save, not laughing. I just couldn’t resist that

SaveMe Oh: Let me send you a Kleenex

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