The Free AviewTV Peace Talks

After contributing more than 100 movies and promoting this website for machinima, the censors of AviewTV decided last week that my movie DISAPPEARS FOR A WHILE could not be part of the network. The only reason given is the fact that Quan Lavender flagged the movie down.

Now is it true that Quan Lavender’s avatar is to see nude in connection with the large horse dick of her now virtual husband Scatterheart Aboma. They appear on large paintings in the museum that function as stage in the first 30 seconds of the movie. SaveMe Oh even seems busy to removed the evidence of the nametag of Quan Lavender in one of the paintings and it is also clear this picture was from before the wedding. Could that be an issue?

A question that remains is what are the rights of a pixelate cartoon image.

After I did several attempts to upload the movie last weekend the AviewTV blocked my access to Aview TV: You do not have permission to access this page.

SaveMe Oh: Did you deny me access to the AviewTV website?

LaPiscean Liberty: Yes, it’s not your screen or browser

SaveMe Oh: And is this gonna stay like this?

LaPiscean Liberty: I think this really depends more on you

SaveMe Oh: So you have more than 100 movies of me on your site but I can’t see it?

LaPiscean Liberty: You may order them down if you wish. I wish you wouldn’t. What I want isn’t that hard Save. But what you want is very hard

SaveMe Oh: What I want isn’t that hard either, no censorship

LaPiscean Liberty: life is censored ok

SaveMe Oh: Yes, but not on these grounds

LaPiscean Liberty: I can’t see you using someone else, to make that statement

SaveMe Oh: You are the only one censoring me on this, what can I do else?

LaPiscean Liberty: You can give me your word you won’t put that video in its present form on the site. That doesn’t mean change and leave the same pics in it. The same avatar if it isn’t her she can’t order it down

SaveMe Oh: Did she confirm it’s her? Are you sure it is not my alt?

LaPiscean Liberty: Evidence shows you posted earlier on blog. And Save, do me a favour. If you gonna print this stuff, please fix my spelling, please

SaveMe Oh: (I always fix your spelling as far as a foreigner can do that)

SaveMe Oh: Did you do a pixel identity check? Do you also think the Solo Mornington character in some other movies is Solo Mornington?

LaPiscean Liberty: No I didn’t. Because he wouldn’t do the character for ya, I think

SaveMe Oh: The Solo Mornington avatar you can buy in a shop, what if the Quan Lavender is also for sale?

SaveMe Oh: What makes an avatar so unique that you treat it as a human?

LaPiscean Liberty: Well that couldn’t exist with her ok

SaveMe Oh: Does she have an exclusive right on that avi?

LaPiscean Liberty: You keeping looking for a loop hole Save and Aview is just small video community. What’s the big deal? It’s on Vimeo

SaveMe Oh: I wish to find out why you censor things like that. I can’t believe it for somebody who likes art.

LaPiscean Liberty: No, that’s not what you want to know

SaveMe Oh: Yes I do, as you even make any kind of satire impossible

LaPiscean Liberty: What you want to know is if you account is going to reinstated or not

SaveMe Oh: That also.

LaPiscean Liberty: Everything else is an interview

SaveMe Oh: I do interviews to get a clear image why people act as if they do. When they pretend to be open and honest and change in sneaky and opportunistic

LaPiscean Liberty: I’m acting in behalf of an Adman’s request, plain and simple job

LaPiscean Liberty: You know what happening and please, don’t have others upload your video

SaveMe Oh: I feel the need to be defended for my work after more than 100 uploads

LaPiscean Liberty: I do defend your work

LaPiscean Liberty: I don’t defend your right to infringe on the rights of others

SaveMe Oh: I am not infringe the right of anybody

SaveMe Oh: I made a cartoon, an animation, and you talk about rights of people. Are you out of your mind?

LaPiscean Liberty: Strange, at this very moment I was asking myself that question

SaveMe Oh: I also ask myself this question

LaPiscean Liberty: you offer no terms, only demands

SaveMe Oh: I offer art and you try to stop that

As I couldn’t upload the movie myself anymore I indeed asked my colleague Glasz DeCuir to upload the movie under my channel and she did. And I might ask some more colleagues to do the same.

AviewTV 1

 AviewTV 2

Later that evening my friend Larkworthy Antfarm uploaded a movie to YouTube (see previous post on this weblog) and I send the link to LaPiscean Liberty as I thought it was quite relevant for the topic

SaveMe Oh:

LaPiscean Liberty: Wow, That’s a damn good show Save. Great filming by Lark too

SaveMe Oh: When she offers it to AviewTV better watch it closely as people might be offended

LaPiscean Liberty: Well if she does I sure will promote it 🙂

SaveMe Oh: Until one of your securitate will flag it down

LaPiscean Liberty: Well don’t tell me what to look for ok? Let me doing on my own. I just watched it

SaveMe Oh: I only help you out, before you are again whistled back by your “friends”.

LaPiscean Liberty: lol. Unlike yourself Save, I really don’t have that many

SaveMe Oh: Now don’t ask me to marry you

LaPiscean Liberty: I just wanna watch lol

SaveMe Oh: Then don’t censor, in my latest movie I advise the first minute

LaPiscean Liberty: Is the revision up

SaveMe Oh: I don’t censor my own work

LaPiscean Liberty: Put the revision on Vimeo and I look at it, if cool, I put it on site myself and reinstate account

SaveMe Oh: I will never redo the movie.

LaPiscean Liberty: That’s fine but do you agree to keep it off aview or put it on AviewTV but remain private

SaveMe Oh: I don’t agree, but what can I do? You play the deciding dictator. Whatever I say. What means private???

LaPiscean Liberty: You have option if video is public or private

SaveMe Oh: And when it is private I can allow people to see it?

LaPiscean Liberty: Well your friends. People that you have connected with on AviewTV. But not general public no

SaveMe Oh: Friends inside AviewTV? Ok. And I can campaign to make friends there?

LaPiscean Liberty: Don’t start a bunch of shit for me Save. I really don’t have the time

SaveMe Oh: No, but I will call people to become my friend there, and when they want it’s their free choice, isn’t it?

LaPiscean Liberty: yes of course

SaveMe Oh: Ok deal

LaPiscean Liberty: We are talking like we know each other right. Don’t give me reason to just put it all aside.

SaveMe Oh: I fight my battles all in the open. Not like your friends in the dark. In my case I allow people to make up their own mind, not tell them what they have to think

LaPiscean Liberty: Really, well if I find the video public because your finger slipped, this too, will be till the cows come home. If ya don’t want me to trust ya, say so

SaveMe Oh: I think I am more to trust than the sharks you surround yourself with

LaPiscean Liberty: As a Pisces, I may swim the sunlit, superficial water of the shallow, but not think I can’t dive to the deepest darkest, depth of your imagination. -)-(-

SaveMe Oh: It’s the imagination of the viewer you have to question, not from the messenger.

vloer schrobbenkopie

Floor pics SaveMe Oh also censored during RL exhibition!

2 thoughts on “The Free AviewTV Peace Talks

  1. Curiously there is a psychotic tenant in my building that films other tenants with her phone camera while they are in Public. I checked with the Police since it’s harassment and they say they have no problem with it as it’s LEGAL. So I asked if I followed a woman around filming her would they have no issue with that? And they said “no problem”…yeah right. How many seconds do you think it would take for a Police Car to show up and tell me to stop. This woman has also been reported to the Landlords since the Lease clearly states they are responsible for damages if one tenant is harassing another but they said they stay out of squabbles between tenants. Maybe you should move to Canada then you can harass as many people you want in peace? You can also smoke weed here in Public (even though it’s actually illegal) and they have medically assisted staff set up in offices to help drug users “shoot up”. A Government that HELPS you use illegal and highly dangerous drugs…is that helpful to them and Society? If I see you struggling to shoot Heroin into your arm and I run over and shove it in for you am I “helping” you? By that standard I’m being helpful if I see you trying to poke your eye out with a pair of scissors and run over to gouge out your eye. If I create a duplicate of someone’s Avatar which is very simple since it’s all common content generally available to anyone what law am I breaking? It’s a different avatar with a unique code so even if it looks like a duck and/or squawks like a duck it may in fact not be a duck. The more “Liberal” society gets the more restrictive it seems to be. I still think it was Petula Clark who banned you because of the Bad Karaoke of her song. I get banned in RL so it’s not something that bothers me when I’m banned in SL. If I don’t get banned I must be doing something “wrong”?

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