My Therapist Wants Me Cool And Nice


Stem van Helsing: Your road is near end. You have to start to be cool and nice

SaveMe Oh: I never use roads, I fly.

Stem van Helsing: pah y know what i mean!

SaveMe Oh: I never know what you mean as it looks to me you can’t think at all. Did you already unban me, dictator?

Stem van Helsing: Some behave badly. You could talk to me.

SaveMe Oh: I asked: did you already unban me dictator?

Stem van Helsing: And copy paste these all but its not readable cause you cound false these discussion. Like all ÿ sound like broken LP record

SaveMe Oh: And your answer?

Stem van Helsing: crack .. .crack. What do y think?

SaveMe Oh: I think you should never, never ban people

Stem van Helsing: to be or not to be

SaveMe Oh: You dont have to fake intelligence, you can simple answer basic questions

Stem van Helsing: Bad behavior is not fashion. Nobody wants see your ideas cause you behave badly. They are like a big joke. Thats pity. Its like make masterpeace and then shit under it!

SaveMe Oh: You mistake honesty with bad behavior

Stem van Helsing: Hou hou says santa. You behave bad all the time. Thats stupid. You have to try to find a new you

SaveMe Oh: Look in the mirror, you have to change , not me

Stem van Helsing: If its you or you have to make a new avatar and get a new start. Pah, remeber I am teacher.

SaveMe Oh: I already have 20 avatars

Stem van Helsing: I teach students like you

SaveMe Oh: Poor students. With a dictator as teacher

Stem van Helsing: Yes you are like 20 years. I could think about  your problem

SaveMe Oh: I dont have a problem, you have one.

Stem van Helsing: As you have seen most of people dont like your things

SaveMe Oh: You behave like a dicator and have problems with facing yourself

Stem van Helsing: And you friend just wait your ideas like a big joke. As you can see they could go all over, only you are banned

SaveMe Oh: Dont you realise that places were people are banned are not worthwile going?

Stem van Helsing: Your talent is wasted

SaveMe Oh: Not at all, you waste space to idiots

Stem van Helsing: Listen. Do you wanna be a big joke. Your friends wait that y make some clown things thats all.

SaveMe Oh: If I was really a big joke I would have stopped years ago

Stem van Helsing: You just still wait that some understand your genius. Thats what you really want to do? Not rally. Rally is good too

SaveMe Oh: No, I wait until the fools who dont realise it yet get smart

Stem van Helsing: No they don’t. Cause its your attitude. Have you seen that your friends goes away

SaveMe Oh: You really think I am desperate waiting until they see my genius?

Stem van Helsing: Something like that

SaveMe Oh: I only have to laugh about the fools who still reject me

Stem van Helsing: Look around you

SaveMe Oh: yes?

Stem van Helsing: What you see? What you wanna do? Be a clown? It is sad

SaveMe Oh: You try to put me as a clown, the people who are smarter don’t

Stem van Helsing: I see you are not that kind of person at all. Your friend just wait that you make some silly things and they could laught and go somewhere else. Its a pity.

SaveMe Oh: You have that silly attitude of a teacher who has to cure me, but the teacher should learn himself something after thinking for years he knows all

Stem van Helsing: I am not know all. I have seen 100´s like you

SaveMe Oh: No you don’t. You only saw one; ME.

Stem van Helsing: Some can do a good artist life. Some dont

Stem van Helsing: sigh. If you need help I could help

SaveMe Oh: So just unban me and dont realise too late you were completely wrong

Stem van Helsing: You dont have give to me or us any reason to trust you

SaveMe Oh: Trust has nothing to do with art

Stem van Helsing: You make misstake to behave badly to me or us.

SaveMe Oh: I am not one of your silly social club

Stem van Helsing: No you are one of my silly friend

SaveMe Oh: When you love tea party’s don’t try to be a gallery owner

Stem van Helsing: I know you are not like that you try to show all others. You have to think about this. As I said you are still my friend

SaveMe Oh: I also know I am not what others think I am, so who is stupid here?

Stem van Helsing: I have talk a lot of your friends they are happy mostly that you are banned and they are not. Get the point

SaveMe Oh: So you didnt talk with my friends but with the idiots who try so hard to be a SL artist

Stem van Helsing: and they want that you make some silly things. SL is a hobby to me

SaveMe Oh: Dont make me a victim of  your hobby.

Stem van Helsing: Do you wanna be clown or not

SaveMe Oh: For me it is not a hobby

Stem van Helsing: Say to me. Got my point?

SaveMe Oh: Did you got my point?

Stem van Helsing: Of course

SaveMe Oh: Your point is not important

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