The Complete Pretentious Failure

When Kazimir Malevich painted in 1915 his black square he was ready, he made his final point of complete nothing. How pretentious it is for SL artists, who are normally known for glueing prims together and create sheep and dragonflies that move with virtual cogwheels in Harry Potter landscapes and Game of Thrones adventures, to think they have the capacity and skills to add something to Malevich black square. How snob it is to think they can lighten up Malevich and friends a little to make it more digestible for the masses `Oh, when we paint the black square white we have even a movie screen…what a great surprise.’

In LEA 8 they created in the good old awful tradition of Pirats those endless walkways to NOTHING. And if it was only towards NOTHING Malevich was maybe honoured a little bit, but no, the paths lead you to platforms with “art” that must taste a little Russian Avantgarde but are without any relevance, significance or danger.

Jo Ellsmere took the dolls she already set up for years in her boxes, (see THE MASK)  to the Salvation Army and bought them some new vintage clothes with some avant-garde looking patterns on the chest, job done.


An alt had to be used to see Jo Ellsmere’s Teletubbies

Soror Nishi never was so uninspired as here, but hey, what you expect from a lady who is specialised in trees and now at once has to be abstract. So she farted some coloured stick and stones and job done.

Complete ridiculous are the contributions of Dadadaddy Eupalinos Ugajin, who they must have forbidden to add a cow or a speaking typewriter, so he dug up his boring French fries bag and his toilet paper producer, hoping nobody would pay to much attention. Oh, and he has again those marvellous leaves that nobody has an idea what they symbolise, but to understand the deeper grounds of his mind you better first read this, it’s only 195 pages:

So you understand all. Viewing art is a hell of a job.

My poor sister Bryn was so desperate to cooperate in this project she agreed to REZ SOME PRIMS. Omg, poor thing.

So no wonder every visitor hurry to the museum shop to buy some dolls on strings from Nessuno Myoo or Alpha Auer to hang on the wall to prove they visited the exhibition. And it must been said, Alpha is the only one who found a way to add something to the Russian Avantgarde with her smart choice of El Lizzitsky for her avatars, as they already had the 3D component in them.

Whole LEA 8 is an example of sad re-creation in the vain assumption of people who think they can add something that is great already. When you really want to add something first thing you should do is show NO RESPECT and use and fuck up whatever you like, in that case maybe something new might come out but watching the people here I can only say that the people of Saudi Arabia came a lot closer to Malevich with their Black Box in Mecca.

So is there nothing more to do to save this event? Yes there is, my dear wife Rose Borchovski and my dear friends Soror Nishi, Alpha Auer, Jo Ellsmere, Nessuno Myoo and my sister Bryn Oh can all demand the need of my presence in LEA 8 so the dictators of LEA can, just as in the time of the dictators Lenin and Stalin, lift my ban and I promise I will do what I can to fuck things up a little so this big joke will not go like this to the history books. And talking about history books, when you want to teach and preach, buy a school or a church.

8 thoughts on “The Complete Pretentious Failure

  1. mmm, My Love, I have started this project, this is part of our RL installation in Moscow: The Russian Avant Garde in which the black Square of Malevich is the symbolic centre piece. We have 4 computers in the exhibition space were the visitor can also enter Sl to visit the SL exhibit. The Artists you mention in your very kind review created for me Sl Installations which became part of my RL installation in a very successful way. We have opened the installation for the RL audience on the 14 th and I have been around in Moscow to witness the shear excitement of the first encounter with a SL exhibit which is a very rare idea and experience for the audience in Moscow. Dictatorship yes, but not in SL, but in RL. We had to battle so many rules and restrictions in Moscow that we can call it a miracle we made the sl and rl exhibit. Okay< I'm exhausted now, after endless days of struggling to get this together, but this fades away when you compare it with the enormous courage and strength of Olga en Elena of the MediaArt Lab in Moscow who made this exhibit possible and whose future became very unsure. There is new Law coming that forbids installations like ours, which are politically sensitive. Lets put all in perspective, we are enormously privileged , I have realised this more then ever after this journey of creation.
    Despite the fact that we have created an installation in SL ( which I find fascinating) which is not very interactive,we hope that the more experienced Sl visitor will appreciate it: we have done it this way because we realised that when we will make it to ' difficult' it would be impossible for a new "unexperienced audience with SL" to visit it, a teleport would have been already a to big a challenge.
    The Russian Avant Garde was an exited period and to be able to take it a step further in sl was a challenge, for each art work we displayed in SL we had to ask permission and it needed to be approved of ( we even had to pay for it), otherwise we would have not received the permission to show our SL part. Life is a big compromis, but my gosh, to repeat myself: we are so PRIVILEGED in our part of the world. " You Notice little of freedom until it is taken away from you!" our core line of the exhibit.

    And now be a good spouse , put on your nicest dress and give me your best smile.
    Love you and miss you )

    • Oh, my poor darling, you suffer so much. Now don’t tell me you had to pay for the Eupalinos part, there are some limits.
      Now don’t worry anymore and leave the more experienced SL visitor to me.
      Only one small request from the one who’s freedom is taken away by LEA, dont forget to unban me in LEA 8, otherwise I stay better naked in bed in our home instead of putting on my nicest dress.

  2. The writing is direct right-wing populism is alarmist, but does not offer any solution. We think that the opinion is right. I nodded like a pendulum cow car dashboard ….

    In addition to class warfare, most populisms are based on a return to national and ideological origins, leading to characteristic uses and abuses of culture, and of art in particular. Art is defined as alien to “authentic” culture, since it does not explicitly express and affirm the values that embody the country. In some European countries, art is seen as a heavily subsidized field that steals tax Euros away from “the hard-working citizen,” similar to unemployment benefits and other “left-wing hobbies.” On the other hand, art is implicated in a global speculative economy in which it is one more investment option, and in this respect, it is again vulnerable, coming to function as the concrete manifestation of abstract financial forces that weaken national economic sovereignty; an uncommon luxury lacking in both culture and rootedness. And yes, art is indeed part of the problem—how could it be otherwise? Rather than gloss over the issue, one should affirm and exacerbate art’s problematic status, its essential undecidability, which holds the promise of a more productive politicization of contemporary art above and beyond any projects on “aesthetics and politics” or “art and activism.”

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