Now, Gods, Stand Up For Bastards!

Artists always react with a certain surprise when I tell them that the LEA dictatorship, lead by Solo Mornington, Jayjay Zifanwe, LaPiscean Liberty and Quan Lavender and licked clean every day by Eupalinos Ugajin, keep me and more or less every alt connected to me banned there. The reaction is always the same; “I don’t see you on the banlist” not knowing that the trick of the dictatorship is to do this in secret with the tool of region ban, visible for no one. Even my own dear wife Rose Borchovski seems not aware what the bastards are doing there and meanwhile telling people about the fate of artists during the Stalin years. And friends like Soror Nishi, even when I asked directly, didn’t do much to get me unbanned in LEA 8 for the Russian Avantgarde expo.

And now that Conchita wins the Eurovision song contest with the song Rise Like A Phoenix that stands for diversity and tolerance, who rises up like a phoenix??? The one and only man who make my Conchita wax drip, Igor Ballyhoo.

conchita wax

I wanted to run directly into his arms at his new exhibit in LEA 6 but sharp banlines kept us separated like if we were still on both sides of the iron curtain.

So I send him with a pounding heart an IM while the Duke of Arado called me on facebook already again a fascist smelling blood…


SaveMe Oh: Igor dear, can you make sure Jayjay unbans me in LEA6 so I can visit your exhibition?

Igor Ballyhoo: I don’t think you are banned here, I don’t think anyone is. List of banned residents is empty

SaveMe Oh: They banned me on all LEA, and only if an artist requests my presence they change that. Pixels and Mimesis and Mac did so in LEA 10, 25 and 21

Igor Ballyhoo: I will request remove of all bans

SaveMe Oh: Thank you

Igor Ballyhoo: Nothing to thank me for, I requested your ban just in cases when it was amusing me, it is nothing personal

SaveMe Oh: I never assumed it was personal; the idiots around you try to make it personal

Igor Ballyhoo: You had your fun from it; I had mine, so…

SaveMe Oh: that’s the reason for being in SL I hope, to have some fun

Igor Ballyhoo: one of reasons, more of side effect

Igor Ballyhoo: biggest reason for me is because I can build even big and complicated things without money and without thinking where to keep them after I make them

SaveMe Oh: We should have married after all

Igor Ballyhoo: I never understood that joke I must admit

SaveMe Oh: It’s not a joke, it’s a storyline

SaveMe Oh: Nothing personal

Igor Ballyhoo: ok, I never understood that storyline

Igor Ballyhoo: then again, I never understood Shakespeare too, find it complete shit

SaveMe Oh: Now there we have a reason we should never marry

Igor Ballyhoo: like the “titanic” of his time or twilight saga or what ever

SaveMe Oh: Now imagine King Lear making that artist statement of yours on a stage: Pure genius!

King Lear: “In whole university of sensations, thoughts, opinions and other kinds of influences created by human since beginning I am more impressed by the energy they spend to convince others that their way is only right one then by ideas that they try to spread. ORTHOS (“right”, “true”, “straight”) + DOXA (“opinion” or “belief”) is always reminding me of question which clock is most accurate in universe? Closest to answer of that would be “the one that doesn’t work since it shows exact time twice a day” and I doubt even that. Our knowledge about existence is so modest that in the spirit of non working clock most accurate answer to question how did everything start would be “HOW THE FUCK WOULD WE KNOW”. And I am quite comfortable with not knowing, it gives me space to accept any possible scenario, “GOD made us”, “GOD doesn’t exist”, “all started with the big bang”, “who said we are actually existing”, “we do exist and in more dimensions then one”… For me, it is all possible and everything is improbable, since – how the fuck would I know? “

Igor Ballyhoo: I can imagine but Shakespeare was too boring to do it

SaveMe Oh: That’s why we have me now to do it

Igor Ballyhoo: btw I absolutely must thank you

SaveMe Oh: I think so too

Igor Ballyhoo: recently I seen some pic of some build with Igor Ballyhoo on it


Igor Ballyhoo: forgot who showed me pic

SaveMe Oh: Even when you don’t want I make you famous

SaveMe Oh: That’s called love

Igor Ballyhoo: and I must say that you are absolutely biggest fan of Igor Ballyhoo that ever existed, I was sure no one would mention B after few years of silence, yet you and group around you kept name alive

SaveMe Oh: That’s why my name is SaveMe

Igor Ballyhoo: might be most fucked up fan club after Charles Mansons and GG allins but still is very dedicated

SaveMe Oh: Better than nothing

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