Heart-warming Advice For An Performance Artist

Stem van Helsinki: Well I think your show have to be updated! I’ll bring to you some Norwegian Noise music

SaveMe Oh: Do your best

Stem van Helsinki: Play it through my Voice

SaveMe Oh: I couldn’t care less

Stem van Helsinki: I have also some left handed puppets with me, about 321 little ones. Hope the sim is WIDE. See you soon in your happenings. It needs an update because it is boring.

SaveMe Oh: Search for your inner artist

Facades 05

Stem van Helsinki: If you try to be popular you have to find it and sent public apologies to all who you are insulted. If you are wise you do so

SaveMe Oh: I never tried to be popular; I AM popular, now go fuck yourself

Stem van Helsinki: Mostly young woman artists hate all in the beginning of their career. I suppose you are quite young. You lose your popularity and talents when you sent shit to all. Actually it’s funny. You behave just like some of my students. After a big hated period they do something to show their talents. And they wonder where all the people are. Why they don’t come and see how good they are. But they don’t come because they suppose you throw shit in your art show. If you want to know how to solve your problem and how to be popular again just write me

SaveMe Oh: Popular again??????

One thought on “Heart-warming Advice For An Performance Artist

  1. Coming back after a few days away to find this is a pure delight. Now, I know that you are a Young female artist. And either Stem has totally missed the point, or he has an incredible sense of humor. I’ll let the stars decide about it.

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