The Arrogance Of An Owner Who Once Bought A Barbie Doll

Only today I found some fanmail on my twitter account on IF YOU GET ACROSS BEFORE I DO.  This movie was part of my recent trilogy were (until now) only the last one, DISAPPEAR FOR A WHILE was a problem. (for AviewTV because they think they have discovered a certain ressemblance between an existing avatar and her avatar horse who is specialised in stomach perforations)

Anti Solo Mornington March

Question now is, who do we see here in this movie besides SaveMe Oh, as it is known that this avatar was used by her father Cupido Oh but also by Luce Laval, Kikas Babenco, Ampel Goosson and Edward Folger. So who is the legitimate owner of this shape that is still for sale in second life? Does the creator of this shape know that a certain Mr. Mornington behaves as if he own the exclusive rights on a certain type of glasses and a white moustache. Or that at least he identifies strongly with the character.

SoloMornington ‏@SoloMornington  Mar 29 @savemeoh

You realize I’m a person, right?

SoloMornington ‏@SoloMornington  Mar 30 @savemeoh

Also that sexual harassment is a crime?

SoloMornington ‏@SoloMornington  Mar 30 @savemeoh

That sexual brutalism is a tactic of police states?

SoloMornington ‏@SoloMornington  Mar 30 @savemeoh

Do you realize that banning you from LEA is supported by a number of people, based on the reality of your toxicity?

SoloMornington ‏@SoloMornington  Mar 30 @savemeoh

Clearly you’d realize that this toxicity is on display in that video and the previous ‘blog.

SoloMornington ‏@SoloMornington  Mar 30 @savemeoh

I wonder if people who enjoy what you’re doing realize that they’re cheering for the bully.

For everyone besides Solo Mornington who also wants to be the “OLD MAN’  here is the LM where you can buy this shape: BAKUMATSU/149/105/23

4 thoughts on “The Arrogance Of An Owner Who Once Bought A Barbie Doll

  1. Once again, I’m the most interesting thing you can think of. You allude to me in your machinima. You invent attitudes and try to stick them in my head.

    I have no problem with you filling up KTG’s account with lindens. See, he’s a brilliant maker, who has produced amazing stuff in SL. The old man is great as a work of art.

    KTG gives Solo Mornington some identity, and that work of creation is so powerful it extends beyond Solo Mornington into SaveMe Oh’s ridiculous obsession. I bought a Barbie doll, and you can’t stop thinking about it, because you’re confused by works of actual, meaningful, sincere and complex art.

    You’ll figure it out eventually, which will be a wonderful day indeed, because you’ll begin to understand my humanity. And when you have started down that path, you’ll be able to criticize the artwork of others with some degree of legitimacy.

    But not before.

      • Yes, it’s fascinating beyond belief how some resonable looking people can turn out to be such big jerks. I can’t deny it fascinates me extremely and make it over and over again subject of my art. Thats the faith of an artist, see bullshit around you and can’t resist the urge to make it subject of your art.

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