Secondlife Is Dying Just When I Resurrected

SaveMe Oh: Thanks for unbanning me, liar

Igor Ballyhoo: I am not liar, I said I will ask and I did

SaveMe Oh: And what was their answer?

Igor Ballyhoo: That they can’t unban anyone from just one LEA sim, they would have to unban you from all LEA sims and that they refuse to do that

SaveMe Oh: And you believe that lie? A smart guy like you?


Igor Ballyhoo: I am surprised how LEA is set, I didn’t know details when I accepted it since I don’t have full control over sim

Igor Ballyhoo: I wouldn’t accept to build a sim where I am not able even to change texture of the ground

SaveMe Oh: They fool you, they fool me

Igor Ballyhoo: you don’t even care and neither do I

SaveMe Oh: I care. I want to see you

Igor Ballyhoo: Sad thing is that art in SL is brought to a level where no one cares any more

SaveMe Oh: They took in a way care of that

Igor Ballyhoo: Yes, I do believe that LEA had its huge part in destroying SL art scene but I also believe that you had your huge part in it

SaveMe Oh: No, I kept it alive in small pockets of resistance

Igor Ballyhoo: Good for you

SaveMe Oh: And for you

Igor Ballyhoo: All same to me. To have art alive SL would need fresh blood, but no newbies inworld. Just same old ppl. SL is dying.

SaveMe Oh: Great. Finally.

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