Broken Hearts Finally Smashed To Pieces

Majorie Fargis: Hi

SaveMe Oh:  Hi Majorie

Majorie Fargis: I have a question. Is Igor Ballyhoo back in SL?

SaveMe Oh:  Yes, he was never away.


Majorie Fargis: Well now I hate him and I can take off his pic from my profile. It is there from 2009. I think it’s time to renew

SaveMe Oh:  Haha, yes

Majorie Fargis: ggggggrrrrrrrrr. Please tell him it is better if he stay very far away from me.

SaveMe Oh:  He is only interested in Igor, don’t worry.

Majorie Fargis: You’re right. I’m too romantic. I believe in friendship. It is a virtual feeling

SaveMe Oh:  I do too, that’s why I expose pompous ego pricks

Majorie Fargis: I wrote a novel about us. No one knows he was that virtual artist

SaveMe Oh:  I hope he did not set you up with a love baby

Majorie Fargis: No but he gave me a virtual brain

SaveMe Oh:  Impossible

Majorie Fargis: I believe he was away and it is very hard to know he was not

SaveMe Oh:  Sorry

Majorie Fargis: Don’t matter. I’m stupid

SaveMe Oh:  Yes, in this you are

Majorie Fargis: I know

SaveMe Oh:  Next time prepare yourself

Majorie Fargis: No, I prefer to be stupid. And believe

SaveMe Oh:  Then suffer great

Majorie Fargis: No life is better than one that can see beauty everywhere

SaveMe Oh:  But you don’t have to be a voluntary addict of pain

Majorie Fargis: Sadness is only a word in that life. Happy to know he is online.

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