Kill A Smile

Barney Horsedick shouts: Hello ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to the ART in HATS show in support of Kill a Smile Charity Auction.

Today’s presentation is a combination of despotism woven into the world of fake charity by giving head! Haha, I mean hats of course.

We will show off some of the greatest bullshit, just to make you pay and give you the feeling you do something great while you are on your fat ass behind your PC doing completely nothing for the benefit of the world. You are only here to say hail to the dictatorship of SL who needs to see your written applause as much as possible so they can be sure you are still a faithfull follower. The great design of today will be forced upon you, is widely available, and will be sold and reproduced again and again and again until we have killed every smile.

Barney Horsedick shouts: This hat is part of The Dick Collection, an offering from SaveMe Oh who is joining us to model the collection. Named Life of the Party it is made with erected sculpted and blown prim pieces, this hat is for those who want to light up their surroundings, be it at a party or event just taking photos – the hat turns on and off with just a touch. It is not equipped with a resizer, but should fit most!


Quan Lavender: Applause

Barney Horsedick shouts: The same hat goes where I’m sure no hat has gone before! This hat is a massage hat for the head! Now, who amongst us couldn’t use a relaxing massage? We all love that feeling, don’t we? Well now you can have it for your avatar too thanks to SaveMe and her Primitive Massage Hat!

Ride Me

Quan Lavender: Applause

Barney Horsedick shouts: “Ah, no no no; I’m a rocket man; Rocket man; Burnin’ out his fuse; Up here alone…” Want to have your own rocket man? Have your own rocket? SaveMe Oh has just the solution with her Hot Rocket Hat…The Hot Rock Hat will lift you and keep you swaying and floating wherever you go! Be sure to grab your own Hot Rocket Hat!


Quan Lavender: Applause

Barney Horsedick shouts: Bringing another spectacular addition to Art in Hats is SaveMe Oh who has added a show stopping piece that features almost elephant size detailed parts to add that something different to your stomach to keep them all talking!

Thirza Ember

Quan Lavender: applause

Barney Horsedick shouts: Oh, Again stunned by SaveMe Oh and her imagination, this time she brings home your nightmare experiments from your childhood days…and then sets them loose over your head! The piece that won’t stop changing and moving, you may find you can’t stop watching it as you add it to your next clever outfit. Don’t forget to pick this one up before you tp away


Quan Lavender: applause

Barney Horsedick shouts: This piece, which resizes on touch, is offered for Kill A Smile and worn today by the lovely Cherry Manga. Be sure to make your bid on The Secret Bank account of the LEA dictatorship in the Kill A Smile charity auction before you leave today!


Quan Lavender: applause

Barney Horsedick shouts: The next hat up is an unusual, but stunning creation called again the Quantity Bowler Hat. You can purchase this one and take it home today as it is for sale! It has a big horsedick overhead and the head is with a purple top hat. It makes me think of the movie Warhorse – things would have been much different for them if they’d had this kind of hat to wear!


Quan Lavender: applause

Barney Horsedick shouts: Though seen possibly as a sloppy artist, SaveMe Oh’s hat displays the creative thinking of the reflection of a true artist. The hat displays the messy result as a reflection of her rl artist mind that is also actively working in SL. Bring this splash of horse to your wardrobe from the Art in Hats event!

A great hat can change your day 2

Quan Lavender: A great hat can change your day! APPLAUSE!

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