Graveyard Safari

As soon I announced I was going on safari in Africa, herds of minions and acolytes couldn’t wait to do the same in virtual worlds resulting in the sad events called Hypergrid Safari. The organisers assume that it would be a good trick to light up their loneliness by persuade other hopeless lonely souls to show up to sit all night on a zebra, elephant or giraffe and take pics of each other to share the retro feel with each other of the beginning of virtual worlds. `Oh look my noob hair’ they scream exited to each other.

The sadness of open sims is exposed in full glory when you see the caravan of elderly cat ladies on zebra’s visiting the buildings of other almost died relics hiding in a corner of their own piece of hypergrid and then have no other option than babble about days of long gone primglueing.

Zebra crossing

Just when you thought people finally get the only reason virtual worlds exist; the possibility of interaction, even your dearest friends drop back to visiting primglued building sites, as if you didn’t teach them anything the last few years. They live in the assumption that the rumour of a dying Secondlife could be avoided by doing more of the same again in some dark corner of their own hard disks.

Of course it is obvious everybody sinks in a pool of deep despair when I take a few weeks off to enjoy my well deserved holidays but to see everybody fall back so quick to mediocre levels we all thought we had buried forever is scaring and disturbing.

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