Secret Brotherhood Of The True Truth

Slowly becoming bored with the role-playing aspects of their created avatars some of secondlife residents start to use hypergrid safari’s as a way of rebirthing, cherish their noob hair as if they just discovered the wonders of it yesterday, others leave Secondlife but are still so attached to their created fake identity that they keep on using their avatar names on Social Media platforms as Facebook. For the ones who stay behind in Secondlife this creates sometimes strange conflicts when for example former superheroes like Marmaduke Arado, who once stand up with screaming fists against secondlife dictatorships like the one in LEA run by dictator Solo Mornington, now at once becomes the biggest supporter of Vladimir Putin and is naming more or less everybody he knew before a Nazi. Week after week this former rescuer of the Dada art in Secondlife is now together with his brother in arms, former artist Lollito Larkham busy to proof that the Malaysian airplane was not shot down by the Russians but by the Ukrainians as if the dead people care much if they were shot down by a Russian missile fired by the Russians or a Russian missile fired by the Ukrainians.


When this superhero became a LEA collaborator this year because it was at once very convenient to have building rights to make a raft, so why not lick Solo Mornington’s ass a little after all, he became furious when we complain on his facebook about his backstabbing behaviour, because his RL daughter might read it but apparently it is no problem to use a fake account to create conspiracy theories (was Elvis really on that plane?) over the dead bodies of the victims off an airplane attack. Or are those poor avatars accounts that are not in use anymore finally hacked by the Russian KGB??? Or is the NSA playing a trick on us to find out what are our secret believes by using these accounts? Could it really be that the beheaded journalist was just a mesh avatar who was fed up with his prim head and let it cut off by Mr. Bones to have it replaced by a mesh one? And why those English?, Dutch?, Portuguese? Islamic State killers have at once the names of The Beatles? Their haircuts? Their headcuts? John, Paul, Ringo and George creating the Islamic State? With a little help from my friends? When my butcher knife gently weeps? We all live in a sharia submarine, sharia submarine, sharia submarine ( all together now).


All those former avatar artists are now the devotees of the true truth and organise themselves in brotherhoods for the one and only truth. As if their new identity is so much stronger to analyse the world than the RL thing that is sitting on the couch at home every night with a bag of potato chips and a cool Chardonnay. But a true artist wouldn’t care less about the truth as especially artists should have to know that the truth doesn’t exist; only what we want to belief.

And you better belief me because I am SaveMe Oh.

9 thoughts on “Secret Brotherhood Of The True Truth

  1. “a true artist wouldn’t care less about the truth as especially artists should have to know that the truth doesn’t exist; only what we want to belief.” Hippie!

  2. Did someone say safari? Now I will have to buy allnew clothes. Does Holland & Holland make a mesh 416 Rigby? OMG! There is so much to do and so little time.

  3. “becomes the biggest supporter of Vladimir Putin”

    This is true, I think Putin is so far the greatest statesman of the 21st century.

    “to use a fake account to create conspiracy theories”

    What fake account?

  4. Salazar would be proud of you — moderating comments was called “censura prévia” in his time.

    In fact, Salazar might be envious of you — the “censura prévia” either censored entire unwanted opinions/facts or just parts of them, but never altered them like you did with my second comment (in the first one you just censored two lines). The picture I posted was obviously not the one above, but this lovely pic of you, shot in the back

    Shot from behind

    By the way, screen captures are a great invention!

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