Not The New Einstein But A Disgusting Creature And Fascist Bastard

Yesterday I met Quan Lavender, she disappeared in 2 seconds.

Today I met Marmaduke Arado, he disappeared in 2 seconds.

Today I met Kikas Babenco, she disappeared in 3 seconds. Did I miss something?

Here is the answer.

Marmaduke’s confession:

Believe me, I tried hard, and for a few years, but it was impossible not to conclude that one can’t reason with a psychopath (SaveMe Oh).

Here’s a short summary of the latest episodes:

In early January, a witch-hunt was declared against us by SaveMe Oh (with approving nods from SaveMe Oh ‘s fan boys and girls) because we committed the crime of performing at a LEA location where she was banned (after SaveMe Oh ‘s best efforts for that to happen, of course), and despite we having asked for SaveMe Oh to be unbanned. This witch-hunt included all kinds of threats, including death ones, and as a result of this we were forced to quit SL.

A few weeks after that, we dared to go online again, and a few minutes after we had logged in to our SL home, SaveMe Oh was there right next to us. So we had no choice but to log out immediately.

Yesterday , (10 sept 2014) I risked going online again, for the second time in nine months, and guess what? Minutes after we logged in to our SL home, SaveMe Oh was there. So, again, we had no choice but to leave our own home, while SaveMe Oh stayed in our living room.

But there was a good side of what happened yesterday: SaveMe Oh not being exactly the new Einstein, we found out who gave SaveMe Oh the tip that we had just got online. I never thought that person would act as a PIDE-like informer for SaveMe Oh, but I’m naive as everyone knows.


SaveMe and Marmaduke in happier times

Dear Marmaduke Arado

After being offline during 7 weeks due to holidays and RL touring I came online this week and as I always do after such a time I go check my LM’s if they still exist as a lot disappear after a while. How happy I was at the end of yesterday evening I found my old friends Kikas & Marma finally at home. I really do miss them and the great events we did together although I am completely surprised by the Jekyll and Hyde transformations Marmaduke is a victim of lately which makes it very hard to understand which of the two characters is the real one. Obviously they were not pleased to see me and on behalf of them I apologise to the poor friend who is now blamed for being a PIDE (Portuguese secret police during the fascist government). That it was telepathy from my side of course no one wants to believe. And that I only came for some warm friendship people will even less believe; wink wink!


3 thoughts on “Not The New Einstein But A Disgusting Creature And Fascist Bastard

  1. Once upon a time Marmaduke and Kikas were amongst us, friends with SaveMe OH, who by some forces in sl were called acolytes and minions. For a long time they choose with their special great talent and humour to fight those forces, we were rather a lot doing this together.
    At this time there was no talk about psychopaths or witches from Marmaduke.
    Now they have risen from the acolytes and minions and Marmaduke adds another epithet to those they left – fans, and in one case PIDE agent.
    The one constant in this is SaveMe OH. She has not changed. She is provocative, satirical and creative in the same way today as she was then. She has behaved in the same way all the time.

    I can honestly say I miss the friendship we shared back then. But it is probably too late and contra productive with nostalgia.

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