Bryn Oh Having A Tea With Herself In Her LEA Office


Bryn Oh:  I like the work of SaveMe Oh but one of my reservations is that she has her own sim, the Yoshikaze II and a show at another sim I happened to wander into as well. Possibly more. She is riding a wave of popularity and sims become available to her. I have always liked the idea of giving someone a full sim who otherwise would have no access to one. Someone who has made a great build on a smaller scale and just needs that space to create a large cohesive work. SaveMe Oh make one off sculptures. So a full sim given to her would produce a wide selection of one offs in all likelyhood. Scottius Polke or MrPim Hax for example create harmonious builds that are connected. Oberon Onmura or Selavy Oh use full sims in a unified manner as well. All rely on terraforming to a degree. Claudia222 and Markus Inkpen would be fun to see with a full sim. I would love to see Four Yip with a full sim again. There are a bunch of artists who are not particularly good at marketing themself and as such miss out on opportunities. I could list off a bunch but I am unclear as to how we are meant to use the sims. If we have proposals to use the sims that’s one thing, but if we start giving sims to people we like then I imagine that will come back to haunt us in the forums. I think, between us, we could all pick people to use the sims and have great shows for years to come, but then there would eventually be a huge backlash of favoritism accusations.

What we could do is each put out a handful of suggestions for exhibitors and make an effort to approach them to put in a proposal. As well as have the public invite.

What you think?

Ok, agreed!

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