Free Your Inner Bastard

Robert Little: I was going to film his show

SaveMe Oh: Maybe he knows your filming ability

Robert69 Little: Was that suppose to be an insult toward me?

SaveMe Oh: I dont know, never saw a film of you.

Robert69 Little: What have I done to be insulted by you? I don’t appreciate your comment

SaveMe Oh: Keep that attitude

Robert69 Little: You know where you can go don’tcha?

SaveMe Oh: I feel the love

Robert69 Little: Ah huh.. fuck you, lousy bitch.. starting shit with me

SaveMe Oh: I was right, just a little insult and your inner bastard came out. That was quick

Robert69 Little: And this game is suppose to be fun.. with the likes of people in here like you….fuck off

SaveMe Oh: Im having a lot if fun, especially when a mask falls so quickly

Robert69 Little: Fuck you… I said nothing to you until you insulted me bitch….had nothing nice to say.. keep you fucking mouth shut

SaveMe Oh: Now dont you have to film?? Thats what filmers normally do. Or is it the first time?

Robert69 Little: Fuck you…your day will come. Going around fucking with people is your game.

SaveMe Oh: I release the inner bastards with one soft insulting.

Robert69 Little: Good job. Your a professional at it. Lousy fucking bitch. Came here to have fun… so you trying to spoil that for me

SaveMe Oh: The language…..

SaveMe Oh: BTW, did you already film me, I am quite a famous actress

Robert69 Little: Derended you fucking idiot

SaveMe Oh: What an anger. Why is that?

Robert69 Little: fuck you… bitch.. your the one spewing the insults

SaveMe Oh: Only one small one and im already bitch this bitch that

Robert69 Little: You like people fucking with you.. huh.. do you?.. bitch.. I said nothing to you. Should have kept your fucking mouth shut bitch

SaveMe Oh: why?

Robert69 Little: Had nothing nice to say?! why?

SaveMe Oh: you ever smile?

Robert69 Little: I will speak with someone about your actions.. provoking anger of me

SaveMe Oh: And who that someone might be?

Robert69 Little: someone you know very well

SaveMe Oh: Now I am curious. My mother?

Robert69 Little: As I said before.. I have done nothing to you… nor was deserving of you to insult me… your a foolish women

SaveMe Oh: In that you are right. First smart thing you said tonight

Robert69 Little: Treat me with respect.. respect you shall receive

SaveMe Oh: Now you blew it. Respect my ass

SaveMe Oh: I hate that word

Robert69 Little: Going to fucking hell

SaveMe Oh: I will

Meeting of the board of directors

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