I Am On The Phone With Linden Lab Now

Save LEA_003

Stem van Helsinki: I am on the phone with Linden Lab now

SaveMe Oh: Are they already back from church? It’s Sunday.

Stem van Helsinki: Your harashing is not art! And you cannot blackmail people

SaveMe Oh: Your banning is not freedom

Stem van Helsinki: I have been waiting for your apologies

SaveMe Oh: I have been waiting for you to stop being a dictator

Stem van Helsinki:: People do not wanna see your face cause you make anger. Its you inner anger. And its sad. Sad is inside you and it eats you all the time

SaveMe Oh: You ban me on arrival, that is sad. You have a cruel person inside you.

Stem van Helsinki: I said I can help you but you have been cruell all the time

SaveMe Oh: Your artistic face is just a facade for your inner dictator who wants the power. You want to rule like all that pathetic simowners and galleryowners before you.

Stem van Helsinki: All the time you talk about yourself. Its your inner anger. What do you think!

SaveMe Oh: I think you have to let me do my job and dont obstruct art

Stem van Helsinki: what job you have here? If you are a real artist you understand others art work, like big artists.

SaveMe Oh: You banned me on arrival. Before I even could say hello to the artist

Stem van Helsinki: First you have to be humble in heart. As you can see some guests don’t like you. You have to apology for all the insults. If you like to be famous. Thats one thing. Humble in heart

SaveMe Oh: I dont have to like it or not, I am already famous

Stem van Helsinki: As you can imagine openings are ruined. And as I have say we Finns are like vikings, peacful people. But remember England. This is end of conversation. You insult me a lot! Thanks about it!

SaveMe Oh: The Fins I met before you were much warmer and open people, you are a disgrace for your people.

Stem van Helsinki: I say this only one time to you! We Finns are very peace-loving, but tonight was too much! Do not ever make me any text, and the appearance in my sim  or plot

If you would like that is fun and enjoyable so I recommend treatment for you.

SaveMe Oh: Do Fins kill people upon arrival???

Stem van Helsinki: In Tuonela you have busy on the rocky bed, I was going to take care of! Take care you! I lost you. You win. Happy!

SaveMe Oh: No, I don’t want to be banned.

One thought on “I Am On The Phone With Linden Lab Now

  1. Viking were pacific people? That’s a real scoop. And this very mysterious expression : “busy on the rocky bed in Tuonela” is probably in finnish. Or is it icelandic?

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