The Nibbler VS The Stem From Hell-sinki

After Larkworthy Antfarm also Ampel Goosson share his chat with the nice teacher from Helsinki.

Ampel Goosson: Now I might as well share this with the world also!


Stem van Helsinki: Dear friend!

Could you please write to Saveme Oh if she could stop harassing me about her writings. It s enough that she harassing our opening and behave badly.

I hope you my friend does not support this kind of harashing art. It is the same if you support tortuing other people.

Thank you, Stem

Ampel Goosson: I don’t know what happened last night at your opening since I couldn’t be there unfortunately. Anyway I have NO intention to telling SaveMe what to do. I do know the person behind the SaveMe character in SL and can assure you that you are dealing with a mature professional in the RL international cultural scene. SaveMe is a peace of art. And art doesn’t have to be liked to be good.

Stem van Helsinki: I wonder when bullying&harashing becomes an art? My suuggestion is all his follower read this book;

Hitler’s Furies: German Women in the Nazi Killing Fields by Wendy Lower, 2013 National Book…

The savagery of the Nazi empire has been described in hundreds of books since the end of World War II. But never before have the roles of German women in the killing fields been revealed in such intimate detail. Based on extensive research in archives that had been closed for decades, Wendy Lower’s…

Ampel Goosson: Send all this to SaveMe instead, unless you want me to blog about it.

Stem van Helsinki: This book is story about people who follow bad and why they follow it! Actually is very interested in beacuse it is samekind of in RL todays. SL is mirror of RL. I am always interested where bad comes, I have seen that kind of behaviour in many art students

Ampel Goosson: I’m not a follower and I hate bullying and you are starting to irritate me. SaveMe is NOT an art student

Stem van Helsinki: I like to talk cause I know you understand. nope but she is an artist and many start artist have samekind of problem they are not sure what is their art. and they have inner bad

Ampel Goosson: SaveMe is not a starting artist

Stem van Helsinki: and then they need followers hmmmm? She looks like, cause she behave just like that

Ampel Goosson: well that is in your eyes

Stem van Helsinki: and all her art is harashing and bullying. I compare her art like new art students

Ampel Goosson: nobody has to like it

Stem van Helsinki: it is inner badness and harashing and insult of others

Ampel Goosson: art is not for liking

Stem van Helsinki: interesting thing is why follow bad. thats different thing

Ampel Goosson: it is not bad art

Stem van Helsinki: Andy was not bad person at all

Ampel Goosson: it is most likely the best virtual art around

Stem van Helsinki: I have written someday here for angry art. Angry and hate art comes in SL in many ways. Her style is Angry ART

Ampel Goosson: you are the one that sounds angry to me

Stem van Helsinki: nope. In rl I give hint and ideas to people that they see all kind of art. BUT inner badness is not good. Its like influence. People like it somehow. Its interesting thing. Read the book its interesting.

Ampel Goosson: why on earth would you think the RL artist behind SaveMe is inner obviously know nothing about that

Stem van Helsinki: why people start understand and follow bad they dont know its bad cause its common way

Ampel Goosson: you are just stupid now

Stem van Helsinki: her rl artists is bad. I have talk a lot with her. Inner bad make bad things…litlle by little

Ampel Goosson: go with you amateur psychology somewhere else

Stem van Helsinki: She is typical case like I have seen in RL. sight. No you are angry

Ampel Goosson: irritate me

Stem van Helsinki: Its not purpose. First thing what she have to do is get rid off her inner badness. Its a long way. I have helped 30-40 studenst and artist about it

Ampel Goosson: I understand why SaveMe refers to you as her therapist. Believe me SaveMe doesn’t need your help

Stem van Helsinki: cause I see her inner soul

Ampel Goosson: oh really?

Stem van Helsinki: yes she do?

Ampel Goosson: you have superpowers?

Stem van Helsinki: noooo

Ampel Goosson: You need help

Stem van Helsinki: I teach artist and art students

Ampel Goosson: so?

Stem van Helsinki: she is basic case

Ampel Goosson: is that supposed to impress me?

Stem van Helsinki: Inner bad artist who collect peole around her to see her genius. Please read the book. Its interesting thing.

Ampel Goosson: you are downright insulting

Stem van Helsinki: why follow bad

Ampel Goosson: stupid and insulting and full of idiotic ideas

Stem van Helsinki:hmmm

Ampel Goosson: I wouldn’t want to be a student in whatever art school you teach in

Stem van Helsinki: Now you make insult! no need to be bad

Ampel Goosson: haha..first you compare me with followers av nazi and then you say I insult you!

Stem van Helsinki: nop i dont compare

Ampel Goosson: what the hell are you doing then!

Stem van Helsinki 🙂

Ampel Goosson: besides I’m not in the business of defending SaveMe.. I said what I have to say about that.. SaveMe is very good at own defense

Stem van Helsinki: i try to get you understand art style Anger Art and why people love it. And why people follow person who are innerbadness. It is interesting!  As blog writer you understand that all people have their own purposes

Ampel Goosson: don’t try to make me underdstand if you knew better than me

Stem van Helsinki: I think its journalistic wau to understand world ? in SL too. I am not a journalist. I write a real blog about a virtual life because that is interesting to me as a project. My purpose is not get you angry! Apologies a lot of my behaviour and writings to you! Sorry a lot! Hope this Case is Close!

Ampel Goosson: You mean you hope it won’t end up in my blog

Stem van Helsinki: Yes, and my purpose is not insult you! Only to give a new ideas and see new things! As I said I am a lot of sorry!

Ampel Goosson: That is what is insulting.,.that you think you have the abiblity to give me that

Stem van Helsinki: mmmm…sorry not understand that point?

Ampel Goosson: What on earth would make you think anything you say would give me any new valuable ideas?

Stem van Helsinki: ah ok!

Ampel Goosson: Everything youv’e said so far sounds amateurish gibberish beyond belief

Stem van Helsinki:ah ok I am sorry that is not purpose!  You are right like you said! I try to look my amateurish ideas! I like you blog and writings! They are goog and have interesting point! I am sorry! That is not my purpose!

Ampel Goosson: Don’t crawl..that is also disgusting.

Stem van Helsinki: ok, anyway I am sorry to dipsturbing you! See you soon. Thank you!

BTW, did Ampel already made a movie about SaveMe Oh 5 years ago????? OMG!!!!!!!!!!!

4 thoughts on “The Nibbler VS The Stem From Hell-sinki

    • Jeg også, er en venn av vitser
      Advokaten så på den rasende dama på andre sida av skrivebordet, og sa:
      – Ei skilsmisse kan vi nok ordne, men jeg tror ikke det har noen hensikt å saksøke
      presten …

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