The Witch Of The Antfarm VS The Stem From Hell-sinki?

Who would you prefer as your teacher????

After Stem van Helsinki banned me on arrival at an exhibition, he decided to send everybody he could find with some kind of connection to me an urgent message.

Here is the responce of Larkworthy Antfarm. (A friend? I fear yes!)

Dear friend!

Could you please write to Saveme Oh if she could stop harassing me about her writings. It s enough that she harassing our opening and behave badly. I hope you my friend does not support this kind of harashing art. It is the same if you support tortuing other people.

Thank you, XXX (I have hidden this cartoon’s name to spare him further embarrassment).

Lark: What do I have to do with any of this? I did not attend your opening. In fact, I barely know who you are! Perhaps you are on my friend list by mistake? I find all the faux outrage at SaveMe Oh’s work ridiculous. She’s banned wherever she goes except by those who have even the tiniest sense of irony and humor.

XXX: I sent a message to all my friend who are friends/like saveme oh artistis page!

Lark: Anyone who does so risks being seen as petty and ridiculous by others. I am sorry to be so blunt but you have not been harassed by her. Instead you have joined in the mob attacking her. Most of her detractors are not real artists. They are cartoons who pretend to be artists. And very much control freaks who wish to dictate their interactions with others in SL.

XXX: Saveme oh start her SL career for teasing noobs in SL welcome area, then she find art and artist.

Lark: I don’t really care one way or another what a cartoon does in SL. Has she harmed you or anyone else in RL?

XXX: dont know! but SL harashing is enough.

Lark: It is easy to ban, ignore, block…derender.

XXX: Teasing anybody does not belong to my culture.

Lark: You accused her of blackmail, said you were reporting her to Lindens, demanded she apologize to people… why not just ban and ignore? She brings publicity is why.

XXX: yes I reported…its not my culture to be quiet.

Lark (Not in my culture to be quiet either): That makes you look a hell of a lot worse than it makes her look.

XXX: If all say no to harashing it stop.

Lark: I am an American. We don’t reward people for being informers.

XXX: …It’s intresting why people follow bad people…

Lark: I did not harass anyone. I have no idea what you mean by harassment.

XXX: bullying, teasing

Lark: I have placed persons on ban, ignore, block in SL. End of harassment.

XXX: …well I found my false discussion on her blog site…and every time we have opening she comes to there

Lark: Are you saying a cartoon character lied about another cartoon character and it harmed you?

XXX: SL is not game or cartoon character…disgusting to find my name on her blog…I wonder why people follow and like her FB site.

Lark: I didn’t think she said anything particularly insulting other than identifying the fact you were ratting her out to Linden labs.

XXX: interesting thing is why people follow bad…yes I make abuse but it does not help cause LL does not care.

Lark: It is because you are in the wrong. You have all the power and yet you want more.

XXX: sorry dont get you point…I write to you cause you follow saveme oh.

Lark: You can ban. Ignore, etc. But to you this is not enough. You are only happy if you can silence her entirely.

XXX: but why you follow her? Is it exciting to follow inner bad person?

Lark: This woman is an artist. Her persona is unique. Her talents unquestionable. She understands that SL art requires artists to let go of the old RL notions of docilely viewing and interacting with art.

XXX: well she is not artist at all…her art is empty…Savme oh art is empty paper…

Lark (uh dude, all SL art is pretend): warrgggarble…

XXX: I understand you like Anger art. And it is exciting to follow bad. She looks like a student who is lost…art is empty and no ideas at all…thats why she is angry to all. And she have inner bad.

Lark: They said that about most great artists of our era.

(this is when I am offered a link to a book called Hitler’s Furies: German Women in the Nazi Killing Fields:

“The savagery of the Nazi empire has been described in hundreds of books since the end of World War II. But never before have the roles of German women in the killing fields been revealed in such intimate detail. Based on extensive research in archives that had been closed for decades, Wendy Lower’s chilling account of female brutality provides a powerful and unavoidable look at the nature of evil, an unforgettable revision of our understanding of modern history.”

XXX: and I understand its exciting to you to follow her. Have you read this book? They all like inner bad too.

Lark: Da fuck??? Are you comparing a frivolous SL cartoon to Hitler?

XXX: And one person who is narcictic like saveme oh…get it…are you cartoon?

Lark: All artists are narcissistic. That is their nature. In RL, I am nobody. In SL, I am a cartoon. Even less than nobody.

XXX: I teach artist in University…narcism have nothing to do with art…I have write a lot of articles about it…and some Angry Art articles…I understand why you follow bad, but read the book.

Lark: I also teach at a college. I disagree with you. I believe it is the responsible reaction for artists to be angry at the stale and tired…

XXX: Well American way is different than European…we have a long history of art and art making here…

Lark (Wait whut? Oh I see. I am just an ignorant upstart Yank and I have now been put in my place by someone from Finland, where they have REAL world class art if you have a taste for Leningrad Cowboys or Laplanders playing tunes on musical frozen reindeer poop. Yes when I think center of art and culture, I always think of the trolls living under bridges in Helsinki.):

I live in the most evil of times in a country with a military-industrial complex that seems hellbent on destroying the world. The corporatists steal the crumbs from the mouths of the poor at every turn. Evil surrounds me. And you believe anything SaveMe does with a few wild colored prims on my computer screen should upset me? Jesus Christ on a broomstick!!

XXX: Well some person are sick and have inner badness and some like to follow them…I understand you…read the book…They dont know why they follow…now, Have a nice day!

Lark: OMG, the evil banality of “Have a Nice Day.” What the Nazis said when they handed their victims bars of soap on the way to the showers…

XXX: defriend.

Hope XXX won’t find out who participated in this SaveMe Oh movie. Is that movie art btw?

4 thoughts on “The Witch Of The Antfarm VS The Stem From Hell-sinki?

  1. Now I might as well share this with the world also!

    Stem van Helsinki
    Dear friend!
    Could you please write to Saveme Oh if she could stop harassing me about her writings. It s enough that she harassing our opening and behave badly.
    I hope you my friend does not support this kind of harashing art. It is the same if you support tortuing other people.
    Thank you, Stem

    Lennart Nilsson
    I don’t know what happened last night at your opening since I couldn’t be there unfortunately. Anyway I have NO intention to telling SaveMe what to do. I do know the person behind the SaveMe character in SL and can assure you that you are dealing with a mature professional in the RL international cultural scene. SaveMe is a peace of art. And art doesn’t have to be liked to be good.

    Stem van Helsinki
    I wonder when bullying&harashing becomes an art? My suuggestion is all his follower read this book;
    Hitler’s Furies: German Women in the Nazi Killing Fields by Wendy Lower, 2013 National Book…
    The savagery of the Nazi empire has been described in hundreds of books since the end of World War II. But never before have the roles of German women in the killing fields been revealed in such intimate detail. Based on extensive research in archives that had been closed for decades, Wendy Lower’s…

    Lennart Nilsson
    Send all this to SaveMe instead, unless you want me to blog about it.

    Stem van Helsinki
    This book is story about people who follow bad and why they follow it!
    Actually is very interested in beacuse it is samekind of in RL todays
    SL is mirror of RL
    I am always interested where bad comes, I have seen that kind of behaviour in many art students

    Lennart Nilsson
    I’m not a follower and I hate bullying and you are starting to irritate me
    SaveMe is NOT an art student

    Stem van Helsinki
    I like to talk cause I know you understand
    nope but she/he is an artist
    and many start artist have samekind of problem
    they are not sure what is their art
    and they have inner bad

    Lennart Nilsson
    SaveMe is not a starting artist

    Stem van Helsinki
    and then they need followers
    she looks like, cause she behave juts like that

    Lennart Nilsson
    well thjat is in your eyes

    Stem van Helsinki
    and all hies art is harashing and byllying
    I compare his art like new artstudents

    Lennart Nilsson
    nobody has to like it

    Stem van Helsinki
    it is inner badness and harashing and insult of others

    Lennart Nilsson
    art is not for liking

    Stem van Helsinki
    interesting thing is why follow bad
    thats different thing

    Lennart Nilsson
    it is not bad art

    Stem van Helsinki
    Andy was not bad person at all

    Lennart Nilsson
    it is most likely the best virtual art around

    Stem van Helsinki
    I have written someday here for angry art
    angry and hate art comes in SL in many ways
    his style is Angry ART

    Lennart Nilsson
    you are the one that sounds angry to me

    Stem van Helsinki
    in rl I give hint and ideas to people that they see all kind of art
    BUT inner badness is not good
    its like influence
    people like it somehow
    its interesting thing
    read the book its interesting

    Lennart Nilsson
    why on earth would you think the RL artist behind SaveMe is inner obviously know nothing about that

    Stem van Helsinki
    why people start understand and follow bad
    they dont know its bad cause its common way

    Lennart Nilsson
    you are just stupid now

    Stem van Helsinki
    his rl artists is bad. I have talk a lot with him
    inner bad make bad things…litlle by little

    Lennart Nilsson
    go with you amateur psychology somewhere else

    Stem van Helsinki
    she is typical case like I have seen in RL
    no you are angry

    Lennart Nilsson irritate me

    Stem van Helsinki
    its not purpose
    first thing what she have to do is get rid off her inner badness
    its a long way
    I have helped 30-40 studenst and artist about it

    Lennart Nilsson
    I understand why SaveMe refers to you as her therapist
    believce me SaveMe doesn’t need your help

    Stem van Helsinki
    cause I see her inner soul

    Lennart Nilsson
    oh really?

    Stem van Helsinki
    yes she do?

    Lennart Nilsson
    you have superpowers?

    Stem van Helsinki

    Lennart Nilsson
    you need help

    Stem van Helsinki
    I teach artist and art students

    Lennart Nilsson

    Stem van Helsinki
    she is basic case

    Lennart Nilsson
    is that supposed to impress me?

    Stem van Helsinki
    inner badn artist who collect peole around her to see her genius
    please read the book
    its interesting thing

    Lennart Nilsson
    you are downright insulting

    Stem van Helsinki
    why follow bad

    Lennart Nilsson
    stupid and insulting and full of idiotic ideas

    Stem van Helsinki

    Lennart Nilsson
    I wouldn’t want to be a student in whatever art school you teach in

    Stem van Helsinki
    Now you make insult! no need to be bad

    Lennart Nilsson
    haha..first you compare me with followers av nazi and then you say I insult you!

    Stem van Helsinki
    nop i dont compare

    Lennart Nilsson
    what the hell are you doing then!

    Stem van Helsinki

    Lennart Nilsson
    besides I’m not in the business of defending SaveMe.. I said what I have to say about that.. SaveMe is very good at own defense

    Stem van Helsinki
    i try to get you understand art style Anger Art and why people love it. And why people follow person who are innerbadness. It is interesting!
    As blog writer you understand that all people have their own purposes

    Lennart Nilsson
    don’t try to make me underdstand if you knew better than me

    Stem van Helsinki
    I think its journalistic wau to understand world ?
    in SL too

    Lennart Nilsson
    I am not a journalist. I write a real blog about a virtual life because that is interesting to me as a project

    Stem van Helsinki
    My purpose is not get you angry!
    Apologies a lot of my behaviour and writings to you! Sorry a lot!
    Hope this Case is Close!

    Lennart Nilsson
    You mean you hope it won’t end up in my blog

    Stem van Helsinki
    Yes, and my purpose is not insult you!
    Only to give a new ideas and see new things!
    as I said I am a lot of sorry!

    Lennart Nilsson
    that is what is insulting.,.that you think you have the abiblity to give me that

    Stem van Helsinki
    mmmm…sorry not understand that point?

    Lennart Nilsson
    What on earth would make you think anything you say would give me any new valuable ideas?

    Stem van Helsinki
    ah ok!

    Lennart Nilsson
    Everything youv’e said so far sounds amateurish gibberish beyond belief

    Stem van Helsinki
    ah ok I ma sorry that is not purpose!
    You are right like you said! I try to look my amateurish ideas!
    I like you blog and writings!
    They are goog and have interesting point!
    I am sorry! That is not my purpose!

    Lennart Nilsson
    Don’t crawl..that is also disgusting.

    Stem van Helsinki
    ok, anyway I am sorry to dipsturbing you!
    See you soon
    Thank you!

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