The End Of Conversation Routine

You get in an “art” gallery for the 1000th time. You see the same virtual walls, with on it yet another uploaded picture that has no other function today than be the “art” that has to be celebrated. When it’s a posh gallery the pics will have nails on the side of the fake frames, the poorer gallery will do it all on one prim. The nervous wannabe artist is already looking at the watch, will people come??? Not knowing that the crowds will not come for the art but just for the higher glory of the gallery owner who is the real artist with an incredible capacity to put the virtual walls just in the way so every wannabe artist can do nothing else than hang a prim with a texture on a wall.

The next generation gallery owners steps in, like Stem van Helsinki, licking to be invited to the guild of approved rulers of the grid.


The bloggers like Quan Lavender, who need to post every day a pic of themselves with some foolish text on the net, are also making a big appearance and then they are all start looking at you. Will SaveMe Oh get naughty again? Does SaveMe Oh have planned something horrible? Will SaveMe Oh not just wear a dress but also might attach some art? The Linden Lab who made attaching possible should be sentenced to jail for this, flying was already an outrage but attaching is really criminal behaviour.


Hearts are pounding, the suspense is getting stronger. Will she do it again or not? OMG, there she goes again, attaching beheaded noobs. What does it mean, what is she trying to say? Better not think another second and ban the witch or she might provoke again something with her art and that is what sim owners hate the most, provoking art. Back to a nice performance of a frozen avatar pretending to sing live.

And the sim owner says:

Aneli Abeyante: You provoke by showing people murdered, I do not mess with this subjects. End of conversation.

Next time I try

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