The Interface Failure For Friends, Family, Lovers, Minions And Acolytes

Now we see the Pirats warming up their old corpses found in their dungeons and we are forced to see every single sheep from Bryn Oh again and again in an endless parade of retrospectives the enemies of SaveMe Oh start to be afraid that she might be up to do the same. To prevent this horrible doom scenario from happening, the enemies of SaveMe Oh started a coalition of the willing to wipe out everything SaveMe ever made from the face of the earth. Hoping that with these actions they will put an end to the existing of this monstrous creature for once and for all.

What these poor capitalists don’t know is that SaveMe is not addicted to the possession of her stuff or the stuff she had stolen from LL or others, that she doesn’t care about owning things and that she has NOTHING planned for eternity. As drama queen she knows better than anybody else that it is all about creating the illusion and after the illusion has been established it is soon gone again forever. That’s why you can have her and decide what you do with it, share it again, destroy it, mutilate it or pretend it was you who made it all.

Starters kit

At the new HG safari embassy or in hypergrid you can already get a free SaveMe Oh avatar, in Odyssey you can buy SaveMe Oh dolls to support that sim, now you can have her movies.

Just to soothe the emotional desire of her family and friends. The first 8 machinima SaveMe Oh made in 2008 can now be yours. The ones in which she was not able to hide the interface yet (the noob artist) but who were already top of the bill. So send your email address to and she will add you to her dropbox so you can download the movies. Of course this is only for the SaveMe Oh lovers. When she thinks you are not, you better go fuck yourself.

2 thoughts on “The Interface Failure For Friends, Family, Lovers, Minions And Acolytes

  1. SaveMe,

    Please add me to your dropbox so that I can download your first 8 machinimas and claim that I made them myself.


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