I Am A Blonde Haired Blue Eyed Catholic Woman

Because one of my recent movies contains an image on a wall and on the floor where we see the avatar Quan Lavender having a hole drilled in her stomach, this movie is over and over removed from the machinima channel AviewTV where I have all my other movies. And now they completely denied my access. When LaPiscean Liberty was in charge of this channel this kind of censorship would not take place but now he made Secret Rage boss there. A woman who has her arm deep in the A of LEA. And who is her boss there? Guess… Quan Lavender succeeds after taking over LEA to get in charge of AviewTV too. So we see those gallery- and simowners and wannabe blog celebrities slowly taking over the ruling everywhere so they can decide what for you, simple audience, is good to see or not. The days of censorship are completely back and it will not take long before Quan Lavender will get a nice gift from Finland, maybe not a horse but a huge Finnish reindeer to experience his drilling skills.

A great hat can change your day 2

SaveMe Oh: Can’t you set up a special SaveMe Oh channel to release me from the other idiots you surround yourself with?

LaPiscean Liberty: Not outside building you your own site but I can do that if you’re in the market

SaveMe Oh: Market??? Don’t swear!

LaPiscean Liberty: I know what you mean and the answer is no Save

SaveMe Oh: So I really have to talk with that thing called Secret Rage?

LaPiscean Liberty: If it has to do with AviewTV yes.

SaveMe Oh: I once had so high hopes on you.

LaPiscean Liberty: Really, I never knew that.

SaveMe Oh: You could have known when you saw me uploading all my movies. Now it seems I have wasted my time and can’t even access my own stuff

LaPiscean Liberty: All over one video.

SaveMe Oh: Yes, and a complete harmless one, that’s even more frightening. Suicides, murder, nudity, no problem. But this one OMG

LaPiscean Liberty: The damn thing starts with Quan Lavender giving her boyfriend a blowjob, not cool.

SaveMe Oh: No, her boyfriend is perforating her stomach with a huge horsedick, completely unreal, so…satire. And only on a picture in a frame on a wall, not even moving

LaPiscean Liberty: You sound jealous

SaveMe Oh: I am not jealous as I never had the pleasure to understand what is exiting about virtual sex

LaPiscean Liberty: It’s an issue you will have to make up with Secret Rage, no matter how minute your hopes are on me now. Maybe that’s your problem lol. Its 90% in the head anyway

SaveMe Oh: Yes I fear so, but I will keep trying, one day she will piss more people of with her rigid censorship and you will have to take over again. A policewoman can’t run an art channel.

AviewTV 1

SaveMe Oh: Will you keep on censor one of the greatest machinima artists of our time?

Secret Rage: It is not censorship but common sense that keeps your film off of AviewTV. It is a site that we as a community are proud of- and like to share with the general public. You have been suspended from your account at AviewTV due to your total disregard for what you have been told regarding the posting of your video that does not meet the criteria for being represented on the channel. You were told on more than one occasion that Aview is not the place for either explicit sexual acts or attacks on other individuals. It is not fair and exceedingly selfish in regard to the other filmmakers who DO post appropriate content – nor is it fair to the other viewers of the channel to expose them to films that show this kind of material. Though you have said you would stop posting it- you have not. Therefore this is the remedy. We will not remove the films that you have there currently- but you will no longer be allowed to post new material.

LaPiscean is now heading up our latest network site and has put me solely in charge of AviewTV. The decisions made there are mine to make and this one will not be rescinded…there will be no arguing.

Guess she means end of discussion! But no.

SaveMe Oh: Is my latest movie in your weekly film wrap? In the place where you also have me banned? (The AviewTV LEA sim)

Secret Rage: The one that was acceptable is, yes.

SaveMe Oh: And when you show it, will you tell the people that because of you, artists don’t have the freedom of create what they want? That you think you can be a judge on what an audience has to see or not? Like a good secret police? You know art is the first thing that is been killed in a totalitarian system?

Secret Rage: I said I will not argue with you-I meant it.

SaveMe Oh: You know not arguing is an ISIS method?

Secret Rage: smiles- I am a blonde haired blue eyed Catholic woman- I am pretty sure ISIS doesn’t figure into it. And now I have better things to do-have a good day

SaveMe Oh: You know Catholicism is a fundamentalist religion?

Secret Rage: I know this conversation is over. Goodbye.

Ziki 4

Another blogger, Ziki Questi, has less problems with art

One thought on “I Am A Blonde Haired Blue Eyed Catholic Woman

  1. The idea that being a “Blond-haired Catholic gurl” could enter into a conversation about censorship is intellectually challenging and quite sad. Is it said to justify actions out of ignorance and blind mass-induced beliefs?
    Soon to use SL for in my “Art”, again. C U then.

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