Griefer, Stalker, Troll, Lol!


SaveMe Oh: There are some Finnish people searching for a fight with me, not really sure why.

Tuulia Jinx: With you??? For me was told you are friends with them

SaveMe Oh: I dont know one of them. They are only after me because Stem van Helsinki must have set them all up.

Tuulia Jinx: My ex, lol.

SaveMe Oh: Really? Now there we have a link

Tuulia Jinx: Sadly yes

SaveMe Oh: He is a big asshole. Griefing me all the time. (where is my Kleenex?)

Tuulia Jinx: I’m not sure should I trust you. Yes ppl warn me that you are friends with him and may come after me

SaveMe Oh: I cannot ask you to trust me because I dont know you, you dont know me. I am certainly not his friend, read my blog

Tuulia Jinx: Well yes i know because he has grief me over 2 years now after we brake up

SaveMe Oh: was that rl or sl?

Tuulia Jinx: Both

SaveMe Oh: He now wants to be an artist and gallery owner, and dont like me around as I steal all the attention that he wants for himself

Tuulia Jinx: You 2 were friends?

SaveMe Oh: No, he banned me everywhere and writes notes to my friends to leave me.

Tuulia Jinx: What, lol, why?

SaveMe Oh: Its jealousy and he can’t deal with that fact that I am the most famous avatar of SL.

Tuulia Jinx: Being there done that, attack all my friends, still does over the years. I have mute him and 120 of his alts. So i dunno. Finnish ppl warn me and i just mute and ban before i even see him. I dont know who is his alt or friend and dont really care anymore

SaveMe Oh: He is now trying to make us believe he is an artist with his new muse Instincta

Tuulia Jinx: Well all can see its only shit what he does, sorry.

SaveMe Oh: I see it too

Tuulia Jinx: Not my busines anymore sure

SaveMe Oh: He tries to teach me how to be an artist

Tuulia Jinx: hehe, well good luck with that =)

SaveMe Oh: As if I need a granddaddy. You still love him?

Tuulia Jinx: Lol omg no. Wish he would die really

SaveMe Oh: At least your english is a lot better

Tuulia Jinx: Hehe yes.. (I dont have adhd) =) like him

SaveMe Oh: Thats how you can recognise all his shitty alts.

Tuulia Jinx: So its easier and yes true, he talks and typos bad… then i just mute an ban =) no question asked and yes i notest you wont typo so bad so you cant be him

SaveMe Oh: When I would be him I would kill myself now

Tuulia Jinx: just reading your blogposts about him: “Stem van Helsinki:: People do not wanna see your face cause you make anger. Its you inner anger. And its sad. Sad is inside you and it eats you all the time”. I think i just pee in my pants

SaveMe Oh: What you wanted with this creep?

Tuulia Jinx:  No idea. I was a noob when we met. Was with him 2 years, busy at work, in sl: build alone a lot. Ppl told me he is creep and has many alts, didnt believe it.

SaveMe Oh: But when you saw him in RL, you didnt get cured?

Tuulia Jinx:  Then I leave after realise he is really sick. Sick in rl also. Met him rl few times. Good actor =)

SaveMe Oh: Until he opens his mouth

Tuulia Jinx: You know… if you want mess with him just tell you had good convo with Tuulia, and you see how he flips. He is still after me, begging my friends to talk to so I would unmute him

SaveMe Oh: He try all the time to make me member of your group, so must be

Tuulia Jinx: All has delete him as his alts. I will give you picture,  its my mutelist

SaveMe Oh: and its all him?

Tuulia Jinx: About 20 has come after it. All him

SaveMe Oh: Well, I see I am really lucky with running into that fool

Tuulia Jinx: Lucky indeed =) And thats why he trys to get you after me. In SL is mute and ban.. in RL is police. No other choices

SaveMe Oh: You needed that?

Tuulia Jinx: Yes. As I told he is sick. Drive 500 KM to stalk me at my work. Just sit in car and stalk. I muted him on my phone. He contact my rl friends.

SaveMe Oh: great guy. His alts are stalking me now. In my home sim, in my groups, contacting my friends.

Troelala: I just read your blog. Then just by curious I come to see who is his new target

SaveMe Oh: You were his victim?

Troelala:): Yes :DD

SaveMe Oh: What he did to you?

Troelala: Better ask what he didnt do. Much easier to answer. He harrasment every day. By many many alts. He is sick as you may noticed. And it wont stop. As you may know he has harrasment manys and years. Not just a days or twos, Years….

SaveMe Oh: Well, the idiot may try

Troelala: I did write to Linden, call them. Try all. Nothing.

SaveMe Oh: What he did?

Troelala: IM to all. If i did meet new friend, he did im to him

SaveMe Oh: Where you had problems with him?

Troelala: All my places what i did own

SaveMe Oh: And what was his goal?

Troelala: His goal was get his ex girlfriend back

Troelala: Well…i can explain many reason why but we always get same answer. He is sick.This isnt place for him

SaveMe Oh: Says who?

Troelala: A RL doctor is the place what he should be visit.

One thought on “Griefer, Stalker, Troll, Lol!

  1. Wow… now that’s a wonderful curriculum vitae… Cheesus be blessed, inspiring me NOT to accept the friendship request i was sent months ago.

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