In The Mean Time I Will Pee On Your Griefer

Leena Hirvi:  Stem van Helsinki is in my staff and a good friend of mine. Tell me. I remember some art event recently and there was horses.. also i remember some another event with signs ” Saveme ” ” Save You ”

SaveMe Oh: Well I shared you the link, you are welcome to make your mind up

Leena Hirvi:  I allready have one and do you wanna know what it is?

SaveMe Oh: yes?

Leena Hirvi:  You are BANNED

SaveMe Oh: So who I have to trust? Tuulia or Stem?

Leena Hirvi:  Stem, Tuulia is very big hole and has been banned here over one year

SaveMe Oh: So all the alts are hers and not from Stem?

Leena Hirvi:  I don `t know who is the owner. All I can say is they starts grievering us about two months ago with Viiraa* avatars and they have many alts, who ever owns them

SaveMe Oh: I supsect Stem for this. You think Tuulia?

Leena Hirvi:  I said i not know who owns them. I would say if i know but i really don `t know. Is true i not like Tuuli and she not like me but i can`t blame her from Viira*avis. i am not sure so i just say they are Viiras

SaveMe Oh: The only thing I know is Stem send IM and messeages to all my friends and not some Viiras. I have nothing to do with these Finnish wars. I didn’t even know you people

Leena Hirvi:  Yes and i not know you. I have seen your shows in Valo

SaveMe Oh: That was an answer to the behavior of that idiot and after came those alts after me

Leena Hirvi:  Yes i know but Viira* avis are very bad person. They telling lies around us, me, my partner, Stem..all avis who they not like. He also griefering Stem too and Tuulia. Tuulia thinks that it is Stem but is not. I am friend in rl too with Stem and his partner. They are clever peoples and i haven t ever been problems with them

SaveMe Oh: But…. he sends all these IM to friends?

Leena Hirvi:  I try be friends here with all peoples but it is very difficult when some Viira army running our sims.  I really not wanna ban nobody but they not behaviour good.  If you really know what viiras are done you not blame Stem from it. They are nuts, crazy peoples and very crazy are !! Sorry my bad english but all i try to say is Stem is not griefer. He is good friend and i know they both good in rl

SaveMe Oh: Then tell him to stop his crazy behavior so I can see the difference between him and those Viira because for me they are all complete fools

Leena Hirvi:  Lol it is in your profile : Violation: Misrepresentation. Falsely identifying oneself as being a Linden Lab employee,

SaveMe Oh: Yes, I made pics as SaveMe Linden, big deal. Big fun. But there is a difference between art and griefing, I hope you know the difference?

Leena Hirvi:  Do you thing griefering is art ?

SaveMe Oh: No, but I believe art may be challenging, interactive, provocative and disturbing. Griefing is for losers.

Leena Hirvi:  With horses and signs in other `s events? You are big artist then?

SaveMe Oh: when I am banned on arrival, yes, and I am a big artist, yes. Not my faulth. It happend.

Leena Hirvi:  well why you came visit today ? Are you gonna say let `s bann Stem?

SaveMe Oh: I never have banned anybody and never will ask for a ban. I dont need bans. I am not working for the police

Leena Hirvi:  why i even need to hear this kind crap from my good friend. I have know he long time and we haven`t been ever problems with he. Only Tuulia and her groupies are been problemmakers. I would die if i ever need to trust Tuulia. She may nica girl but i am not see it ever. Ir is mystery to me why she not got banns by LL. We have made so much ARS of she for very goos reasons ! I not know you and i not know what i should to think about you but i know that Stem is good guy

SaveMe Oh: More and more I start to see all those finnish trolls are all day busy killing and AR-ing eachother, very sad. Ok when you know him I will not say you see it wrong, but to me he behaves like an asshole, so if you can ask this nice friend of yours to stop that for me its enough

Leena Hirvi:  He is ok and I not want to be part of anykind wars here. I bann i i need to do it but i love peace. I not be bad if someone is bad to me. Ok i will do that.

SaveMe Oh: You banned me today, so also not so sure about your statement. But trust me, I have not any interest in your Finnish group drama.

Leena Hirvi:  I banned you because i saw your picks  and you maybe dangerous sim chrasher with your huge prims. You keep them in your inventory tonight but how it will be in future?

SaveMe Oh: Ah come on, grow up, I am an artist, not a sim crusher. And dont think I come to your sim for romantic sitting, dont worry and when you want an exiting performance, you may call me. Not to crush a sim but to be amazed

Leena Hirvi:  LOL thank you

SaveMe Oh: My perception of Finnish people has not get much better tonight. You seem all completely fucked up

Leena Hirvi:  dont ÍM to me anymore and if i noticed i am part of your blog are in big problem

SaveMe Oh: am I? are you threatening me after you banned me with no reason?


The Resident you messaged has blocked you from sending them any messages.

Leena Hirvi:  Sister for 758 is in our bann list

SaveMe Oh: Yes thats one of them. I am just beating him up

Leena Hirvi:  You are one of them too? Why ?

SaveMe Oh: No I am not he just TP me here

Leena Hirvi:  Ok and you came and you say you not know him?

SaveMe Oh: I have no idea but this one was in my groups too

Leena Hirvi:  why it joinss into your groups too ? They allready are done it that much finnish groups are closed now. They sends notes and spamming groupchats. Let s bann those alts from your groups. Did you know you can do it easyly but you need use LL own viewer? it works like land bann in groups too

SaveMe Oh: I made the join 10000 linden so when he joins again I get rich

Leena Hirvi:  wow, it works too 😀

SaveMe Oh: Till now I only see and hear the finnish griefing all the time, maybe you people should ask yourself some questions instead of blaming me. It doesnt make me happy what I see here going on. Seems every Fin is searching for war

Leena Hirvi:  yes 😦 old good days all finnish avis are friends and there is not been any wars.. but then something happen..

SaveMe Oh: But what? Can you explain that to me? Because this is really weird. In the mean time I will pee on your griefer


Leena Hirvi:  There is one woman who starts telling lies to others. She was jealous  of new relationship. It is so childless being jealous of SL partner so much that she need tellig her own stories. Some of her friends believe her and just dislikes them who don `t. They also starts griefering with many alts- Damn i have so pooor english 😦  Well, all i try to tell that she have only few friends in SL. Not much avis believe her lies.

SaveMe Oh: and that woman is Tuulia?

Leena Hirvi:  if you are talking with her , so you are her new ” gun ” against Stem. Of course she try use you  to her wars with Stem. You know who i talking about. I not need say any names.

SaveMe Oh: So to go short we have one idiot on one side, Stem and the other idiot on the other side, Tuulia, and they both accuse eachother from being the army of griefer alts. It’s getting nicer every minute. And when they play it very well in the end everybody can blame SaveMe Oh as the big griefer of Finland. You are really a bunch of sad people. Nobody is ashamed?

Leena Hirvi:  Yes, you are made very right cunclusion of that what you said before that . you are not very big griefer but if you are one of Tuulia `s groupies so i must bann you. I not know you and you may are nice person but your blog says other way.. let me say i not want horses or nothing extra show into our areas.

3 thoughts on “In The Mean Time I Will Pee On Your Griefer

  1. I suspect that a part of Finland is on an alien planet with alien rules and behavior (or is it just average deep and stupid human behavior?).
    And btw, when you get rich, don’t forget to throw a party.

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