Disappear (Simulator Crossing)

For The University of Western Australia’s MachinimUWA VII: Transcending Borders

Machinima by Glasz DeCuir

Live banning atempt of SaveMe Oh at BURN2 in Second Life

DanOfWA Flanagan: Please stop spaming me.. it is a violation of Burn2 10 principles
DanOfWA Flanagan: if you do not remove that item you will be ejected (again) from the Burn2 Estate
SaveMe Oh: https://savemeoh.wordpress.com/2014/10/27/dont-you-have-to-brush-your-ponies/
DanOfWA Flanagan: since you are blocking somenes build and disrupting the peaceful use ot this estate I am having to file an AR (again) and ban you from this event
SaveMe Oh: I am upgrading it dear boyscout
DanOfWA Flanagan: sorry but that is not your build to upgrade
SaveMe Oh: And yesterday your college boyscouts told me the event was finished
DanOfWA Flanagan: but this is not your land to build on
SaveMe Oh: Im am not building, dear boyscout
SaveMe Oh: You think your college boyscouts would let me build?
DanOfWA Flanagan: you are no longer welcome on Burn2 land.. end of discussion
SaveMe Oh: I am not discussing with boyscouts, dont worry

SaveMe Oh at BURN2 the day after


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