Too Blind To See?

When I visit Art Gallery Route 7, which is connected with a visual disability info hall I had a nice chat with ArtWolf Eternal, until I found out she was from FINLAND and she got an advice….

ArtWolf Eternal: Evening

SaveMe Oh: What a collection of rubbish you have. You better make a SaveMe Oh museum

ArtWolf Eternal: Apmel Goosson knows me well. Ask him more.

SaveMe Oh: That should encourage you to listen to my words

ArtWolf Eternal: This art gallery have a lot artist, some are rl disabilitys like me

SaveMe Oh: No, a lot of rubbish, disabled or not

ArtWolf Eternal: I am visual disability person in rl

SaveMe Oh: Then somebody should tell you, you have a lot of rubbish here. Can you see the fish here are swimming backwards?

ArtWolf Eternal: No, where?

SaveMe Oh: Behind you.

ArtWolf Eternal: Thats very avantgarde

SaveMe Oh: Yes. When I had done it it could be conceptual but from that idiot it must be incompetence

ArtWolf Eternal: I self have alot near sight and glaucoma and alot other visual problems but I can make art lol

SaveMe Oh: And you can walk without a dog down the stairs

ArtWolf Eternal: Yes in sl and rl ,but rl I need heavy glasses or contac lenses

SaveMe Oh: People always say that when I perform they get eye cancer so it would be great to perform for the blind

ArtWolf Eternal: So have you any disability youself?

SaveMe Oh: No, I am the most famous artist of the grid but I work daily with mental disabled people

ArtWolf Eternal: Really?

SaveMe Oh: ask Ampel

ArtWolf Eternal: He have never told about you. I lived in the same sim in solace island

SaveMe Oh: Impossible. His blog is full with items about me. Half his pictures are with me, he made movies about me. The man adores me.

ArtWolf Eternal: Then you must be something special to him then if he adores you. Have you married him?

SaveMe Oh: He would wish but he is too old

ArtWolf Eternal: Age is nothing in sl

SaveMe Oh: No, but he is very, very old

ArtWolf Eternal: No he is very young lol in his mind

SaveMe Oh: he does his best

ArtWolf Eternal: So that make way between age and mind

SaveMe Oh: Here his quote about me: “Owing to certain circumstances I will say this (and only once): SaveMe is a piece of art. And art doesn’t have to be liked to be good.”

ArtWolf Eternal: Intresting,same criteria I have here too:)

Then I started to perform for her:

SaveMe Oh: Now tell me what you see

ArtWolf Eternal: White lines what I see also in rl with my glaucoma

SaveMe Oh: And now?

ArtWolf Eternal: I see such white lines in reality also those colour things very familiar with autumn season on street. You could make career to make worlds of visual disabilitys , to real life organisations

SaveMe Oh: Arrange me a performance for the blind on your roof with music for the deaf

ArtWolf Eternal: I have here deafs too and mute ones too:)

SaveMe Oh: You see? What a great idea.

ArtWolf Eternal: So what is purpose about this show?

SaveMe Oh: To make the deaf see and the blind hear?

ArtWolf Eternal: You know such peoples who hear colours and see sounds and taste light?

SaveMe Oh: I am a walking example off all that

ArtWolf Eternal: So you suffer that ?

SaveMe Oh: Suffering is for the weak of heart

ArtWolf Eternal: Then you should fall in love with Apmel if you have weak heart.

SaveMe Oh: He falls in love with me, dear, not the other way around. OMG I think you are in love with Ampel. You cant stop talking about him.

ArtWolf Eternal: hah ,I not intresting about swedish

SaveMe Oh: Are you also almost a hundred years old?

ArtWolf Eternal: Between

SaveMe Oh: His sheets????? Omg. Where are you from?

ArtWolf Eternal: Finland

SaveMe Oh: Omg, all the Fins want to kill me recently

ArtWolf Eternal: Really why?

SaveMe Oh: Stem van Helsinki, Tuulia Jinx, Leena Hirvi . They are all killing eachother and blame me for it

ArtWolf Eternal: lol I been out of that , not knowing. Blind deaf and mouth close

SaveMe Oh: I can give you the link of my blog if you like a soapstory

ArtWolf Eternal: I not have much time looking blogs not even time self write my blog. So what kicks you get off this?

SaveMe Oh: What kicks you get from art?

ArtWolf Eternal: Are you playing Hannibal Lecter? Question from question

SaveMe Oh: I make art, not explaining it. Thats the job of an audience

But then at once:

You are no longer allowed here and have been ejected.


SaveMe Oh: Why?

ArtWolf Eternal: Peoples told me to do so, sorry. I asked from virtual ability help they told at   ban  you out my land for disability stalking

SaveMe Oh: What a pity you dont trust your own judgement

ArtWolf Eternal: Ask Apmel

SaveMe Oh: Ampel would never advise you to do this

When I was behind banlines Leena Hirvi arrived, for sure the one who advised to ban me.

ArtWolf Eternal: SaveMe Oh is there

Leena Hirvi: Oh ,I can see that.

SaveMe Oh: Has the firing squad arrived? I guess we are only waiting for Stem van Helsinki to bring the riffles?


But then the Dutch sim owner arrived, for sure to arrange a region ban on request of the Finnish, but she showed some of the good old Dutch spirit and refused, and even advised ArtWolf to unban me. May Cheesus be blessed.

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