Become The Famous SaveMe Oh – Revisited

In 2010 there was the remarkable project “Become the famous SaveMe Oh” which resulted in the birth of 37 clones of the most famous artist of Secondlife, SaveMe Oh.

Now the Linden changed the way new avatars get their name, no more Oh will be born but the large demand in secondlife and Opengrid communities for the original SaveMe Oh avatar made me decide to put this collector’s item now up for sale to give everybody the experience to be me, pretend to be me or to scare people for Halloween. Also for sale are some collectors items you can wear, like the SaveMe Oh gift shop, made by my former friend Marmaduke Arado or an exclusive SaveMe Oh Troll doll to put in your virtual kitchen.

Become SaveMe Oh

The SaveMe Oh avatar is also perfect for all the stalkers and enemies of SaveMe Oh as now they can commit their crimes pretending it was me.


SaveMe Oh is not liable in any way for any damages arising from the use of her avatar. This also applies to seize of property by public authorities in countries where the purchased items are prohibited. Buying from SaveMe Oh will be done at own risk. Products sold are intended for virtual purposes; do not use SaveMe Oh for any other purposes.

Book signing for her fanclub

The products for sale can be found at Josef K.’s gallery.

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