Dear Glasz DeCuir, Transcend Your Borders!

I know I always tell you that the only good movies you have ever made are the ones with me and I mean that.

You might be angry about that but still I want to ask you for a favour. Last week I agreed you send the movie Disappear (Simulator Crossing) to the The Transcending Borders 3D Art & Machinima Challenge from UWA. But now I would ask you to redraw the movie from the contest.

The reason for this is that Jayjay Zifanwe agreed to censor a movie from Nicole X because it contains religious images.

As we all should know religion is a human invention to ease the fear of death and it evolved in the most deadly weapon of mankind and used for centuries as a legitimization to murder other human beings.

When artists are not allowed anymore to make the greatest outrage off all time the subject of their art we have reached censorship in its most fundamentalist appearance so please, dear Glasz, redraw the movie.

Your college you admire so much, your beloved Tutsy could not come up with more than this on my request: Tutsy Navarathna: Je n’ai pas de conseil à recevoir de toi SaveMe. Je ferai ce que j’ai envie de faire. Ton intervention me donne même envie de ne rien faire du tout. Elle est aussi stupide et au même niveau que la censure dont on parle. Je te croyais plus intelligent que ça!

I hope you have more guts.

In case you won’t redraw the movie and you win all the prize money, which is to expect as you have SaveMe Oh as main actress, I want you to donate the money to Amnesty International.

Glasz DeCuir: Hello Jayjay
Asked by SaveMe Oh, -indeed i thought on that possibility, days ago reading Nicolex’ note card sent inword- to take out my machinima “Disappear” based on her live performance and in disagree about any kind of censorship on creative production I ask you to let out of contest our short movie.
Personally i think is sad the only reaction of this theme had been from a jury member, Apmel, not from artists. That talks a lot about SL arts vanity and low trust on arts power between Sl artist and machinimators who seems to look other side always a trouble can infect them.
Sadly I must do the same with the other machinima I sent “Guest Outsider”.
If your entity members review their criteria, and accept Nicolex’ machinima artwork, should be good news for ARTs.

I also asked Iono Allen to redraw his movies, here his answer:

Iono Allen I won’t Save.
I’m trying here to explain (too) briefly why, I am not searching to convince, but I would like that ppl understand my opinion.

I hate censorship, as I showed these days in posting what happend in Paris last week on a great commercial (and I underline the word commercial) event.
But here, for UWA, the context is quite different: it is NOT a commercial event, and all the thing that tries to make Jayjay is to promote SL (and UWA of course), and I know he spent a lot of energy on that.
Therefore, I give him the right to be right or to be wrong, the right to not do the things that I would have done: who am I to tell him what is good or what is bad?
Don’t forget that Jayjay, every year, has to convinced some of the manager teachers and responsibles in UWA, to give funds for the SL UWA sim, and for the organisation of this contest.
So this film by Nicole found him sit between two chairs (as we say here, but I’m sure you get the image).
He had to choose one chair (if he had a choice), and Jayjay KNEW what would happen, and all this fuss: so it’s a courageous decision (in my opinion).

11 thoughts on “Dear Glasz DeCuir, Transcend Your Borders!

  1. Dear SaveMe, you don’t have to ask that as a favour, i had it on mind days ago…. since Nicolex’s sent her message. Surprised that was a Jury member was who reacted, not any ARTIST.

  2. If artists think they are artists because they are able to make fun of other people’s religious beliefs, just because they don’t share the same beliefs, then they are only fooling themselves. If SaveMe Oh wasn’t controversial and drawing attention to herself all the time then very few people would have ever taken a second look at her ‘art’.
    It’s not OK to put someone down because they are fat or from a different race or culture and it’s not OK to put someone down because you don’t like their religion. And it’s not OK to make fun of a religion because you don’t follow it.
    Freedom to express yourself does not give you the right to insult and ridicule others.
    I agree with Iono Allen and I agree with JayJay’s decision to remove NicoleX’s machinima. The content was offensive to Christians and the only border it transcended was the border between sensible and ridiculous !
    Am I just imagining it or are these same ‘artists’ a little fearful to be making fun of the the Koran (or Qur’an) ?

  3. Did anyone watch the film in total or did they just see the depiction of Christ on the cross with scrubbers over his head and say “we cannot show this.”

    There are “Jesus” apps for Android and iphone.
    To me, NicholeX’s film is not a slam on Christianity but perhaps a more modern way to access it. Perhaps, for a believer, one does not have to travel to a church, instead one can have access to the word of God at their finger tips.
    Scrub away the old method and in with the new.

  4. My above comment is my interpretation of the film, when people ban art they do so because they have an interpretation that they hold above the rest. When you censor what people do you are being a fascist and a coward. I am mature enough to be insulted by others.

  5. Censorship of any art is a move on a very slippery slope to oppression of expression. Of course, a private contest as the right to set any rules it wants to, but then it is up to the artist to make a stand and not comply (I guess that means not entering that competition). On the other hand, I think that any judge that is getting ‘offended’ should question whether or not they should be a judge of art, since the underpinning of art is expression….

  6. I think the biggest issue in this mix up is that there is a disconnect between the technical nature of how they are choosing to curate their shows. To curate is more than “to place items”. To curate is the act of selection-and by selection I mean inclusion and exclusion. Technically, the way they have this contest set up, this work is not at all curated, it is simply entered and placed/screened and then judged. Typically, in the real life art world, the judging happens before the show ever opens-and that ensures a level of quality.

    If the University of Western Australia in Second Life wishes to retain that kind of right to exclude works it should be communicated more clearly in a terms of submission agreement at the time of artist submission, or by the time honored tradition of using the panel or curator to accept or reject works which suit the overall aesthetics of what they wish to present to the world at large and their overall vision of the exhibit. So I think that there is a technical difference between true censorship versus a confused approach to how the show has been run. This is why I am not taking my work out of the show.

    Any artist who has submitted their work professionally to real life call for entries is very well aware of the fancy rejection letters from the curators. Not all art fits all shows. Exclusion is totally different than censorship. Exclusion makes stronger art shows. Exclusion is not always fair. But exclusion is the name of the real art world game-like it or not.

    To me, the Machinima art in question by NicoleX does fit this show very well. But I am not the curator or decision maker. I am choosing to keep my work in the show because I think UWA in SL has done a lot of work to give important real life exposure to art in Second Life. I value the work they have done and the time and efforts by FreeWee and JayJay. I do take their work seriously. But I think this example is why they may want to consider curating juried exhibits and exercising their rights to not accept every single work entered-without having to give reasons.

    Moving forward, I think this experience could very well help UWA in SL become a stronger presence for virtual art. It may also drive other artists to become true curators. Both of these things would be great.

    • An artist is not a curator. Both total different jobs, which need different skills and sensibilities.
      I work in RL with Art-installation, we have never experienced censorship. It is tragic that an organisation that represent an University is censoring, what ever technicalities etc you can come up with. It is not up to us to judge if her art works fits yes or no. NicoleX was convinced it would fit otherwise she would not have submitted it. Maybe censorship is not even the right word, I think ‘fear’ is ruling here.
      To speak with the words of Save:
      “As we all should know religion is a human invention to ease the fear of death and it evolved in the most deadly weapon of mankind and used for centuries as a legitimization to murder other human beings.
      When artists are not allowed anymore to make the greatest outrage off all time the subject of their art we have reached censorship in its most fundamentalist appearance so please……… Dear artists, please take out your work of competition, do did not only for yourself but for what the art world should stand for!!!!

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