The Burden Of Being Famous

We think a little to the left SaveMe

Mark Baar:  We are a media collective…… Dourced from Los Angeles. I, Mark Baar lead the loose group. We want to connect/work/ interview you or oh…”

Any response welcome.. Time unimportant, I collab with Asia and Europe often.

SaveMe Oh: What you want?

Mark Baar:  I would like to know more about you. Your relationship to the sim world Feminism as you see it and culture. We could interview you OR you could write a piece for us? Our web site has a space for articles and one for live interviews turned into pod casts. If you go to the web site and look under Jawsey talks you can see our articule on Pussy Riot and a pod cast from Martin Wong who is huge in the world created by “giant robot” punk asia and LA meet. Our web site again is …

SaveMe Oh: I only read my own website, and am not interested in your spam.

Mark Baar:  Ok. But this is not spam. I thought you were an artist of interest

SaveMe Oh: I am, so dont start with spamming your own stuff as if I have nothing better to do.

Mark Baar:  I dont think u understand. We liked your work and wanted to interview you this is not we dont need ever to spam anyone

SaveMe Oh: What is the first question?

Mark Baar:  So I wont ask again. But frankly with the artists we have lined up for interviews it’s your loss not mine

SaveMe Oh: Snob he? Pfff! So dont ask again. Never heared of you so that big loss I can handle.

kinda drifting into abstract

2 thoughts on “The Burden Of Being Famous

  1. Too bad you left the rest of the conversation our of your post above. You are interesting to say the least and I see often how you seem to intentionally create confusion and disturbance in a effort of your own desire? Perhaps as a means of creating. Either way what you left off say more about you and me for that matter than what you posted and that is too bad. As you sell yourself short. If you want conflict and mayhem, controversy and very contrary views to be bantered well I am good with that too.. But if I was to ever publicly post your comments to me. I would never leave it half done. Jawseybruce.

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