The Night SaveMe Oh Was Killed Again

Shot from behind

Always ready to help out a friend this night I decided to upgrade a show from DD. But some people in the audience were inspired by IS and smelled blood.

dj12 Magic: SL has been alerted! And they will be here soon to fix this. As soon as they can was what I was told.

Fuschia Nightfire: What problem?

Kontroverse: I don’t see any problem.

Fuschia Nightfire: Nor me.

Josef K: Everything works fine here .. no problem

Roxy Gellar: It’s not for everyone. But if you mute the person you’d rather not see or hear? Problem solved

Fuschia Nightfire: If SaveMe Oh goes, I go too

Kontroverse: SaveMe Oh has good effects, I don’t see the prob anywhere.

dj12 Magic: We are here for a different reason

Fuschia Nightfire: Ii agree Kontro

Josef K : Conformity is a problem

Kontroverse: In fact I’m enjoying a lot with DD’s music and SaveMe’s effects

Lita Loire: Has she not been invited to do these light shows?

SaveMe Oh: Invited???? As if I need an invitation

Josef K: Art is the solution

dj12 Magic: The show would be fine if it were not interfering with the intended purpose of this exhibition.

Fuschia Nightfire: I agree with that too Josef

Isadora Alaya: This stuff is garbage, it’s neither well programmed nor original

Lita Loire: It is extremely annoying and off putting

Isadora Alaya: It’s just basically a distraction, I don’t feel anything coming out of this at all

Roxy Gellar: Seems that the mute option isn’t as attractive as being angry?

Kontroverse: Garbage?

dj12 Magic: There ia a significant difference of opinion here.

Isadora Alaya: You should consider going back to the lab and rethink your methods

Lita Loire: hahaha

Isadora Alaya: Yeah, it’s total crap

Josef K: Some people like cute puppy pics and some like performance art

Kontroverse: Ah ok, then you never had been in a disco. The lasers and the ilumination don’t make feel anything

Isadora Alaya: I’m sorry, but this 3D mattress is just a joke

Kontroverse: No? What a mistake think that way. In my opinion, of course.

Isadora Alaya: There’s no mistake in the way I feel about this sorry display of ego

SaveMe Oh: Omg am I insulted by a pink elephant?

Isadora Alaya: It’s just childish

Roxy Gellar:.•*★¨`•  Aρρlɑuѕɛ  •¨`★*•.

Morlita Quan: Applause!!

Josef K: I have two of my favorite artists in action .. DD delivers the music and SaveMe Oh creates the fireworks .. it couldn’t be any better

Kontroverse: I just say that illuminate a scene, a video or photo, also part of the art

Isadora Alaya: Take your childish prank and go back to your studio and rethink your concepts.

SaveMe Oh: I was thinking as my next project to hang virtual paintings on virtual walls, what you think?

Lita Loire: Just right click, derender and blacklist 🙂 Right click on the annoying light show. Stop wrecking this event. That is really unfair and very self centered as well as immature and giving art a bad name… which this is clearly not. No one would put those damn colours together. Get a fucking grip. Sometimes, getting attention this way is not the right kind of attention you need

SaveMe Oh: Yawn

Lita Loire: Oh go back to school you baby. Go away you horrendous little shit. You poor neglected sad little soul

Josef K: Looks like SaveMe Oh got banned from the sim

Isadora Alaya: Karamaneh )))

Governance5 Linden was flying by and killed the most famous artist of Secondlife that night.

Minutes later I recieved this:

Dear SaveMe Oh,

This email is notification of action regarding your Second Life account, SaveMe Oh, for violation of the Second Life Terms of Service or Community Standards.

Violation: Community Standards: Disturbing the Peace

Every Resident has a right to live their Second Life. Disrupting public welcome areas or scheduled events, the use of repetitive sounds or gestures, deliberate and obstructive prim littering, or intentionally slowing server performance using resource intensive scripts or lights are examples of Disturbing the Peace.


Linden Lab

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