Why Call The Police When There Is A Fellow Artist Volunteering To Do The Dirty Work?

To my surprise I could visit without problems the LEA sim of Mandel Solano but today I found myself at once banned there. Time to ask Mandel what could be the problem.


Mandel Solano: Hello SaveMe:) I can’t see that you are banned

SaveMe Oh: Me neither, but last week I could go there and now not anymore. Maybe your neighbours arranged it? Who is the region owner of LEA 23?

Mandel Solano: I’m the owner + some LEA people

SaveMe Oh: You are the sim owner but you have bosses above you. Who rule everything?

Mandel Solano: Can you enter LEA24?

SaveMe Oh: Lea 24 is from Betty Tureaud?

Mandel Solano: Yes maybe, I do not know.

SaveMe Oh: Of course I can’t go there. Maybe she asked for it. Afraid me disturbing her land from your side. Who is the region owner?

Mandel Solano: I do not know how things like that work

SaveMe Oh: Jayjay? Quan? Solo? You have to ask one of them. Tell them you want me to have access to your sim. Maybe Betty had an event and asked the politburo to ban me. Will you do something about it? Or you prefer it stays like this?

Mandel Solano: It’s the people in the LEA group

SaveMe Oh: Who give you the LEA permissions to build?

Mandel Solano: The group. I’m owner of this SIM. Zero Lindens.

SaveMe Oh: But who gave you those rights? Are you blonde or what?

Mandel Solano: I do not remember

SaveMe Oh: An acute attack of Alzheimer? With whom you had correspondence about your LEA grant? Jayjay? Quan? Solo?

Mandel Solano: Maybe it was Solo Mornington.

SaveMe Oh: So tell him you want me there and he has to settle it. Let me know when you have arranged it.

Mandel Solano: There is a show at Friday evening on both LEA23 and 24 together, maybe Betty feels that you should try to disturb that.

SaveMe Oh: And what do you feel?

Mandel Solano: I do not know with you SaveMe, you have done it on other places too. What do you say about that?

SaveMe Oh: You support repression?

Mandel Solano: No but I do not support destruction and humiliation either

SaveMe Oh: I am not able to destruct, nor do I practice humiliation. You want to press charges anyway? Maybe you could ask for my arrest? Or maybe you can ask them to kill me without a trial?

Mandel Solano: Hm but you do that with attached objects, or do you not?

SaveMe Oh: Do what? Tell me what you have attached at this moment? Is that forbidden in SL?

Mandel Solano: How does that have implication now? You can’t tell me what I wearing

SaveMe Oh: Nor can they tell me what I can wear. So you support oppression?

Mandel Solano: You wearing disturbing objects or particles.

SaveMe Oh: Do you have a definition of disturbance? What if I wear art?

Mandel Solano: They do that sometimes even with me and eject me.

SaveMe Oh: You approve that?

Mandel Solano: And I try to adapt to that

SaveMe Oh: Is their judgement better than your own?

Mandel Solano: Sometimes it is:)

SaveMe Oh: In my case never.

Mandel Solano: Not always:)

SaveMe Oh: I never ban or eject people. Are you aware SL gives you the tools to mute? So in case of eject or ban somebody decides for others what they are allowed to see or not. It’s called censorship. Do you approve censorship?

Mandel Solano: The only way a sim admin can protect his/her sim is to ban.

SaveMe Oh: Why, they can tell everybody they have a mute button and let the people decide them self. Do you need somebody to decide that for you? Are you not capable to judge for yourself?

Mandel Solano: if an avatar wears things so big and disturbing that nothing else can be seen that’s censorship too, made by one against all others

SaveMe Oh: Everybody can mute that

Mandel Solano: Not if you are new in SL.

SaveMe Oh: So you feel the need to protect the newbie’s?

Mandel Solano: It takes time to learn how to behave in SL, SaveMe.

SaveMe Oh: Did you ask the newbie’s if they need your parental guidance? : I prefer to learn myself.

Mandel Solano: Yes I always help them if I can

SaveMe Oh: So help them with explaining! Or you prefer to teach repression?

Mandel Solano: If SL shall survive we need more people in SL not less.

SaveMe Oh: So to make SL grow you approve repression? I had the idea you might be an artist, now I know the answer.

Mandel Solano: People leave SL because of idiotic people here

Mandel Solano: You do not SaveMe

SaveMe Oh: I am very disappointed in you. I wish you a happy life with your LEA friends.

Mandel Solano: Don’t be I love your work on the right spot:)

SaveMe Oh: The right spot for my work is everywhere

Mandel Solano: You must apply for a LEA Grant, I think:)

SaveMe Oh: I am already locked up in a ghetto because people like you

Mandel Solano: Talk with PatriciaAnne Daviau if she has not blocked you?

SaveMe Oh: There is only one thing to do, you tell them you want me on your sim. Don’t hide behind others. You are the sim owner, I am banned. You accept that or not.

Mandel Solano: But you need to act less aggressive against other people

SaveMe Oh: I don’t have to do anything. I am a free human being.

Mandel Solano: I did arrange to have Betty’s and mine sim together. I can’t go against her. : I need to ask her first, SaveMe.

SaveMe Oh: First you pretend you didn’t know she was your neighbour, now you have an arrangement. So you are a liar too.

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