After Meat Mustard

First Mandel Solano pretend he was forced to ban me because Noke Yuitza and Betty Thureaud told him to do so and now this pseudo artists without a backbone IM me to lick my ass again.

I dont shoot people

Mandel Solano: Hello SaveMe, sorry I was feeling down, I forgot you SaveMe, but now you have permission to visit LEA23 again:)

SaveMe Oh: What a glorious day, all the events have finished?

Mandel Solano: There be new events:) Next weekend, but not so big.

SaveMe Oh: Well warn me when I start to be so awful to you as you have been for me.

Mandel Solano: Hehe

SaveMe Oh: You are a disgrace and you know it.

Mandel Solano: Mario2 Helstein make particle shows

SaveMe Oh: I hate fireworks

Mandel Solano: He has problems with his computer then we can’t have so much visitors as last time

SaveMe Oh: Well maybe you 2 can celebrate together nice and quiet

Mandel Solano: Visit or not is free:)

SaveMe Oh: You have no idea what it means to be free. Kill one day and kiss again on the next day wont help

Mandel Solano: Some part of freedom is to let others have freedom to make mistake or ugly things them self

SaveMe Oh: Tell that to some great dictators off all time.

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