Help, My Name Is Stem Van Helsinki And Nobody Knows Me!

Only bring your ego

Stem van Helsinki: Your fan was on our sim a day ago.

SaveMe Oh: My fan? Somebody as SaveMe?

Stem van Helsinki: Qwedyuge Yalin

SaveMe Oh: Those people are all losers, they fight for attention to get in my blog, but I only add interesting stories

Stem van Helsinki: Maybe you have to keep some savemeoh-course or school?

SaveMe Oh: The point of the artwork is that everybody can try to be me but nobody will succeed as it is impossible to be me. I am unique!

Stem van Helsinki: But the savemeoh-course is good idea?

SaveMe Oh: No, because only a skilled artist like me can be SaveMe Oh. The other ones can look like me but thats all.

Stem van Helsinki: Ah but your fan like to pay? 25-50 k lindens per person.

SaveMe Oh: People like to be Donald Duck in Disneyworld, or to be the most beautiful avatar from SL, or the most hated, or most feared.

Stem van Helsinki: Mmm they might be mickey mouse mostly. Now you talk good idea

SaveMe Oh: Most people love to be an action figure for a while. Thats why it works

Stem van Helsinki: Yes but Finnish people like to mostly sadly person thats different thay want to be.

SaveMe Oh: When we would sell your avatar people would only consider suicide.

Stem van Helsinki: Oh yes

Also want to try to be me? Buy me here! North/84/42/22

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