71 Virgins Wanted


To create worldpeace I ask 71 virgins to join me in an atempt to solve war with love.

71 virgins wanted (I volunteer myself as number 72). For the ones who are not real virgins anymore we have a simple 1 prim solution to restore that).

We will meet eachother soon in LEA 23 where I will hand out the signs in a joined effort to achieve worldpeace. Add your name in the comments or send me an IM in secondlife or on facebook.

More information soon.

Virgin number 1: Cat Shilova

Virgin number 2: Cherry Manga

Virgin number 3: Lamoni Carissa

Virgin number 4: Daisy Pentia

Virgin number 5: Jack Vance

Virgin number 6: Jane Wingtips

Virgin number 7: Kandinsky Beaumont


Virgin number 8: Vivienne Daguerre

Virgin number 9: Fiona Hanfoi

Virgin number 10: Nebulosus Severine

Virgin number 72: SaveMe Oh

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