The Line Where He Said “Quan”

SaveMe Oh: Wow, so exiting, never have experienced such an exciting thing, still shaking

Art Blue: You made typo

SaveMe Oh: How much time you spend to glue this together?

Art Blue: The “low” is missing before exiting. I know all I say moved right fresh to the blog press where you make fun out of people and I don’t need to be on your fun list

SaveMe Oh: To get into my blog you need to be of some importance

Art Blue: Bullshit. You are the only one of importance in your world

SaveMe Oh: Ordinary prim gluers don’t make it to there very often because my readers are used to some substance. They hate when I write about nothing. So what is your thought about Charlie Hebdo in relation to the moon?

Art Blue laughs, “I know you believe in meantime in your self made light box where all others fade”

SaveMe Oh: Was that an answer? What are your thought about the dictatorship of LEA? Did you had to pay them to get this sim? Or did they beg you?

Art Blue: Nothing of all

SaveMe Oh: So with what brilliant concept you came up to make the junta say yes?

Art Blue: You just bring bad taste in the fine work of many here who work for the benefit of the art community

SaveMe Oh: The ones who forget their freedom to be slaves of the happy Linden Lickers? The community who doesn’t have problems with members of the art community being excluded?

Art Blue: I will not reply any longer on such a level. You know I prefer opensim, but I will not dishonor the Linden LEA sponsorship by any comment. An artist can sent a proposal and the community managers select on their own standards and no one is paid or has to pay. This is the same at art colleges. Some get selected out of a background in art and service for the community and for continuity over years and that’s it.

SaveMe Oh: And how these community managers are selected?

Art Blue: This was about them: Some (managers, officers) get selected out of a background in art and service for the community and for continuity over years and that’s it.

SaveMe Oh: Do you really believe that? Name me one

Art Blue: [09:57] Art Blue: I will not reply any longer on such a level. Will not name anyone to get this person on your blog

SaveMe Oh: Just name me one. You can’t.

Art Blue: No I can’t as I don’t know them as good. I read their names and profiles and I then made the application for the moonrezzer and was lucky to get a sim grant

SaveMe Oh: In none of their profiles you will find a description as you said. So why you named Quan Lavender just now?

Art Blue: I have named her?

SaveMe Oh: Yes, you just did.

Art Blue: Maybe you looked to a different chat box. I did not.

SaveMe Oh: I heard it, loud and clear. Thank you for your honesty

Art Blue: Where? Copy me the line

SaveMe Oh: Have a bite. The food is great

Art Blue: Copy me the line where I said Quan?

SaveMe Oh: [10:03] Art Blue: copy me the line where I said Quan?

Art Blue: What is this now?

SaveMe Oh: The line where you said Quan


Art Blue: We had no IM so just open chat to state this clear.

Art Blue leaves chat range

4 thoughts on “The Line Where He Said “Quan”

  1. This is not the complete chatlog. It misses why I have been in parts rude to the visitor Saveme Oh. Once I had to buy her as she had the “Big buy me” sign on her and the did not stop nagging until I did. So after I bought her for 1 Linden then [… to avoid to do the next step she was working on to get] I sold her for 2 Linden to “a noob” [one not suited for her blog to report] and Saveme Oh poofed. This was part of the chat, why I said, her mission here is not to have a honorable talk. And I was right. The copied that I said “Quan”, but I did not mention her. I mentioned no names at all. And she cutted parts out of the chat.
    Art Blue

    • Now that clears everything. Journalists of the world read this well: every fart in a talk has to be published!
      Now serious. Ofcourse I leave parts out because sometimes we wander away from a topic or the talk becomes so insight that an unprepared reader doesnt understand a shit. Thats why. Luckely we have comments where mistreated artists can complain. And you did say Quan!!!!!

  2. very well thats fine to select and to admit to have done it. But I did not name anyone as there is no one to name. I asked where did I say Quan? after you said I had named her, which I did not. I shall add I bought you for 1 Linden once as you blocked the gallery entrance so my doing was to get the gallery free from the blocking stuff you wear as body attachments you called it “an art installment” to save the world.
    Art Blue

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