Can You Be A Mornington?

When I saw some guy using LEA24 from Gracie Kendal to expose his weapon collection because she allowed everyone to build there I took immediately action like a true LEA mercenary and covered his shit with a large plywood primbox.

Terranos: why u set box ?

SaveMe Oh: Its a weapons box

Terranos: lol

Terranos: this your sim?

SaveMe Oh: Yes! How dare you to rez here

Terranos: I was use for set my walls. Land was set to 0. Sorry. When u do fault not my fault

SaveMe Oh: Weapons?????

Terranos: This my presentation me prepare and take after

SaveMe Oh: In an art sim?

Terranos: Art? Whats art guns art too, them no shoot

SaveMe Oh: I know this place is a dictatorship

Terranos: Only on wall

SaveMe Oh: But you dont have to be that explicit. Now please first dress yourself

Terranos: Me is dress. Whats your problem?

SaveMe Oh: Emma here is 9 years old

Terranos: Take your box and I take my guns. Me is no nude

SaveMe Oh: I give you 10 seconds

Terranos: Why u this rude?

SaveMe Oh: I hate weapons

Terranos: Me hate war. But me develop all in sl, vehicles guns, all customer want

SaveMe Oh: Develop love instead off weapons and get rid of customers

Terranos: And if u not want ppl rezz here set land to 3 min or 2 or so and not 0

SaveMe Oh: Dont you have brains yourself?


Terranos: No pain now and I think u hate guns

SaveMe Oh: I do

Terranos: Seems not. Look u do

SaveMe Oh: Does this look like a gun? Put on your glasses

Terranos: u tell u have a kid here 9 year and u do this brutal?

SaveMe Oh: She is used to that, I beat her daddy up every day

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