Feedback For A Ban

Not being banned on the regular LEA sims felt a little bit awkward so I did a little investigation on the attitude of the new arrived wannabe artists. Chapter 1 is about the prim gluer Lorin Tone in LEA 26. It turned out that the only tool needed with him was some good old feedback.

Lorin Tone: Welcome back SaveMe, help you find anything?

SaveMe Oh: I don’t want to find anything. Can I help you find anything?

Lorin Tone: No thanks, I know where everything is here.

SaveMe Oh: But outside here?

Lorin Tone: What about it?

SaveMe Oh: Don’t know. You seem a bit narcist, so that’s why I asked

Lorin Tone: Welcomeing you exposes me as a narcissist? Work on your English.

SaveMe Oh: As long you understand me communication works fine. Now are you standing here all night?

Lorin Tone: No, I’m working on areas of the sim.

SaveMe Oh: Does your music roll have music?

Lorin Tone: No, but most of the rest of the machine does.

SaveMe Oh: Why not?

Lorin Tone: Because I chose not to put music in it.

SaveMe Oh: why?

Lorin Tone: It is not an optimal prim to build loops into.

I walked to some other soundmachines but….

SaveMe Oh: That was rather disappointing. You should give it a little bit more effort

Lorin Tone: What would you suggest?

SaveMe Oh: Moving and producing sound all the time as it looks promising but the result is disappointing

Lorin Tone: I’m so sorry to have disappointed you.

SaveMe Oh: Yes you should be

Lorin Tone: Fuck you.

SaveMe Oh: Did you give it all you have or where you too lazy?

Lorin Tone: Your cubes video was disappointing too, I didn’t bother you about that. So fuck you. Do you understand?

SaveMe Oh: Which cube video?

Lorin Tone: The one that sucked

SaveMe Oh: You have a link?

Lorin Tone: So, I’m sick of your bullshit. No, I didn’t keep it. You posted on your blog.

SaveMe Oh: It’s called feedback and a wannabe artist could use it for improvement because you can stand here all night as a guide explaining what is not here, but the art should speak for itself

Lorin Tone: Thank you for the lecture, anything else?

SaveMe Oh: Shall I play you some music?

Lorin Tone: No, thank you, I make my own.

But I played for him on my Osama noob and my Oculus Christ


Lorin Tone: Nice, which parts did you play?

SaveMe Oh: You like classical music?

Lorin Tone: I play it. Do you?

SaveMe Oh: As you can see

Lorin Tone: No, you’re playing an inverted Jesus. Not and instrument. So I am not impressed.

SaveMe Oh: You are playing an artist, so that gets us even

Lorin Tone: I only hear Cello.

SaveMe Oh: Ah, first you didn’t believe it. Yes this is cello

Lorin Tone: Sounds like Ma to me.

SaveMe Oh: Yes it is. 10 points

Lorin Tone: He’s an excellent player.

SaveMe Oh: Yes, very good

Lorin Tone: Good, I hope you have a place to display your work.

SaveMe Oh: Display work is a very old-fashioned concept

Lorin Tone: Then what is your interest in visiting here?

SaveMe Oh: Exploring, but sometimes I fear there is not that much to explore and then I offer to upgrade the place

Lorin Tone: No thanks, I’ve still got work to do on it. When I’m busy being insulted by you.

SaveMe Oh: Try to make your music machine move and work. Good luck. You can do it

Lorin Tone: IT works when I make it work. Thanks for the advice, now fuck off.

SaveMe Oh: Your tone Tone is not nice

Lorin Tone: It is not intended to be nice, just like your tone.

SaveMe Oh: I didn’t say fuck off.  I only gave feed back

Lorin Tone: I did. And I meant it.

SaveMe Oh: I don’t listen to people using that kind of words

Lorin Tone: Easy fix for that.

SaveMe Oh: Do your best, you will not be the first dictator, nor the last to kill free people

Lorin Tone: Now take your music elsewhere, please?

SaveMe Oh: When you go to work you won’t hear it. Only when you stay close. You can also put volume on 0 or derender it

Lorin Tone: One more chance. Please remove your musical works from here. Now.

SaveMe Oh: They are not here

Lorin Tone: Goodbye.

SaveMe Oh: goodbye

Banned from LEA 26

5 thoughts on “Feedback For A Ban

  1. Feedback on SaveMe’s Feedback:

    Yes, I banned SaveMe from LEA 26 because she went out of her way to be persistently obnoxious for 2 days on the sim. Insults hurled at both visitors to the sim and myself became a little tiresome. Suggestions for improvements based on SaveMe’s clear lack of knowledge in the field of music were the last straw.

      • Incorrect, and I can prove it. I got video footage of you visiting LEA 26 while I was chatting with another person there. She eventually left out of frustration with your nonsensical comments. 01-20-15 at 11:26 AM SLT. You are correct in stating that there was nobody else on the sim when I banned you the next day.

      • Wow, caught on camera, the security in the dictatorship start to deliver. So much better than spend all your days on artistic creation matters. What a relief that now you just have to spy, ban, and stay in control. What a great feeling that must be.

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