Why Jayjay Zifanwe Is A Big Liar

The proof of a dictatorship in 5 posts.

Save God

When I came back from holidays I found myself to my surprise unbanned on most LEA sims. As I already expected it was a coincidental mistake in the bureaucracy of the dictatorship but the big liar Jayjay Zifanwe made us believe it was really up to the independent simowners to ban me or not.

2 days I tested this hypothesis and now everything is back to normal. SaveMe Oh banned on all LEA sims while I was making plans with Vaneeesa Blaylock on LEA23 for the 71 virgins project and with my brother Lemonodo Oh on LEA24 for some performances.

Of course I teased the simowners a little to test their artistic backbones but the conclusion must be that LEA is a true dictatorship and Jayjay Zifanwe the biggest coward of all, telling you with a smile on his face you are welcome with the execution knife hidden behind his back.

Here are the links of my odyssey from last week:






LEA Endowment

A group for recipients of an LEA Land Grant. Recipients and liaisons and estate managers are in this group.

If you have a question, ask away or check for someone in the Liaison or EM role and IM them.



Hi all! Hope you are enjoying your land grant! I just wanted to make sure that you all know that you can ban anyone you want from your land grant sim. We will help you with any ban if needed, but unless necessary we try to leave it up to the artists whom they want on their land. Please ask your liaison or any of the committee members for help if you need it. Or if you are having a show or function, and need extra eyes on people you can ask Honour McMillan and she can help with that.

PatriciaAnne Daviau 2015/01/25 06:16:05

More Banning Info

Just a follow up to Patricia’s previous notice… I’m taking it upon myself to ban a certain special troll we have here at LEA, at the estate level. If you wish to unban this person (or anyone else) you’re free to do so since you’re all estate managers.

Solo Mornington 2015/01/25 10:46:06

to reiterate
Sun, Jan 25 2015 12:32:22 PM PST

You, as EMs on your sim, may ban and also UNban anyone you wish.

PatriciaAnne Daviau

9 thoughts on “Why Jayjay Zifanwe Is A Big Liar

  1. What drivel. Freedom of expression does not mean free from consequence. When you decide to act like human filth you should be treated as such.

  2. why is solo banned? hes a sweet man whos into preserving mainland ive never seen him do anything sinister….SOLO WHAT HAVE YOU DONE

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