I Have Been Told That You Are A Choir Conductor

Lorin Tone: Now, if you want to fuck with me, go ahead. But know what you’re up against rather than just spouting off, asshole. Because if you proceed, I will eviscerate you. Eviscerate too!  lol!

SaveMe Oh: I didn’t see you in weeks, what is suddenly your problem?

Lorin Tone: The question of who has a problem is misdirected.

SaveMe Oh: Have you already unbanned me?

Lorin Tone: No, of course not.  I just found it interesting that comments are now gone from web on which you quoted me.

SaveMe Oh: On my blog your comments are there. So have no idea what you mean

Lorin Tone: huh, ok, maybe my browser is having problems, my apologies for any error on my part.

SaveMe Oh: drama queen

Lorin Tone: To the best of my recollection, it was you who brought drama to me, not the other way around.

Lorin Tone: I have been told that you are a choir conductor, is this in fact true?

SaveMe Oh: No

Lorin Tone: lol…that’s rumours for you.

SaveMe Oh: Did they also tell you I was the alt of Solo Mornington?

Lorin Tone: No, but that be very amusing.

SaveMe Oh: Would be the best thing that could happen to the bastard

Lorin Tone: You’re entitled to your opinion.

SaveMe Oh: Because of your silly comments today I had to repost the blog, so more fans will read about your stupidity. Soon you will be famous

Lorin Tone: Did you request permission to post my comments?

SaveMe Oh: Never, why should I? It’s your choice to speak to me.

Lorin Tone: Yes, I’m finding it to be entertaining.

SaveMe Oh: So being published is the price you pay for a little entertainment

SaveMe Oh: As my readers are entitled to know who are the fools in SL

Lorin Tone: Questions abound….I’m actually curious about you.

SaveMe Oh: Of course you are. I am the greatest artist of SL, everybody is curious

Lorin Tone: I see.  In my opinion, you’ve done interesting work.

SaveMe Oh: Not only in your opinion

Lorin Tone: My opinion is the only I have a right to express.

SaveMe Oh: I have the right to talk about other people’s opinion as I am SaveMe Oh. And I have nothing to do with rights

Lorin Tone: You are contradicting earlier assertions you have made.  Are you confused?

SaveMe Oh: Never, you seem to be the one confused

Lorin Tone: I admit that I am confused by your behaviour, yes. How do you claim to have nothing to do with rights and call me a “dictator”?

SaveMe Oh: I can refuse all claims on “rights” and still call you a dictator when you behave like one

Lorin Tone: You can call me anything you like.  I just don’t get the point….because I don’t think there is a point.

SaveMe Oh: We agree, so unban me now

Lorin Tone: Why, so you can give me opinions on work that you have no understanding of?  I think not.

Lorin Tone: For which instruments do you compose and which choral parts do you do librettos?

SaveMe Oh: I did The Muppets, the opera! And the revenge of My Little Pony for the Castrato choir

Lorin Tone: Interesting….a commissioned work?

SaveMe Oh: Yes, and after the pentatonic version of Barbie and Ken

Lorin Tone: And how many tones does that piece encompass?

SaveMe Oh: That depends of the skills of the musicians on the human alt flutes

Lorin Tone: No, it is defined by what you called it.

Lorin Tone: However, those all sound like amusing pieces.

SaveMe Oh: Very amusing

Lorin Tone: And of course, you have recordings of them online, yes?

Lorin Tone: In the interest of analyzing your personality, I’d be very interested in hearing them.

SaveMe Oh: 

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