In My OHpinion

After getting several invitations to see the box of Duna Gant I went on my way to see this great event, but she didn’t want to show me her box after all.

Kiosk.Net Greeter: Welcome SaveMe Oh! Enjoy your visit.

You are no longer allowed here and have been ejected.

Cannot region cross into banned parcel. Try another way.

And once again I was forced to show my presence from the neighbours parcel to make clear to the few visitors that their adorable box builder was the most of the time a simple dictator.


Wan Laryukov:  Ahahah Save Me show time

Telchar: Wonderful tool…. derender

Wan Laryukov:  It’s really disgusting the show of Save Me

Fabilene Cortes: Wan, an easy way not to be disturb is to click on the name of her avatar, and choose “derender & blacklist

Telchar: yep

Fabilene Cortes: you won’t see anything. Karelia choose the option Derender and blacklist

Telchar: If rezz things with transparences, choose highlight  transparences and derender

Karelia Kondor: I’ll come back with another viewer.. Apparently the official one does not allow derendering ..

Rubin Mayo: SaveMe, you are a poor out of mind person… I pity you. Are not you sick to get banned out wherever you go?

Morlĭta Quan: No needed insults

SaveMe Oh: I got 4 invitations and got banned on arrival. You think that’s normal? I don’t accept that.

Karelia Kondor: And now I know what to do .. I have so often had to leave events when SaveMe has been here .. but now I know the trick! Thanks!

SaveMe Oh: It’s so easy. Derender me. And you will only have to see the boring works here.

Fabilene Cortes: You only need to it once, she will be derendered until you decide to change his

SaveMe Oh: It’s a choice for everybody

Fabilene Cortes: it’s a wonderful option 🙂

SaveMe Oh: Especially great for elderly catladies with a hobby.

MonaByte: Hola Save!!!

SaveMe Oh: hola

MonaByte: porque molestas si eres tan buena artista?

SaveMe Oh: The stupid bitch Duna Gant bans me everywhere

MonaByte: he ido a tus perfomance

SaveMe Oh: and I am fed up

MonaByte: y son geniales!!! Gracias. por favor invítame a tu próximo show

AquilaDellaNotte Kondor: Stop disturbing the Duna’s exhibition, please do you understand?

SaveMe Oh: She is banning me everywhere but sends me lots of invitations. I don’t accept that anymore.

AquilaDellaNotte Kondor: lol ok, but this is not a good reason to broke the ball to us!!

SaveMe Oh: Sorry for that but sometimes things have to be made clear

AquilaDellaNotte Kondor: We’re not interesting to your problem with her let’s see the exhibition, please

SaveMe Oh: And I am not interested in your opinion

AquilaDellaNotte Kondor: You are a very bad person I think, this is clear. Stop it

SaveMe Oh: Tomorrow you can see it in all peace and quiet. didn’t they told you you can derender me? you don’t have to watch it

JC Underwood: Awesome avatar xd. Sorry I though the boxy thing where you..

SaveMe Oh: It is me

JC Underwood: Your avatar made this exhibition awesome

Kontroverse: Epileptic attack! hahahaha

SaveMe Oh: That will teach the bastards

Kontroverse: Shock therapy, I see

SaveMe Oh: Those Italian idiots are the worse

Kontroverse: I will not discuss that

SaveMe Oh: It was not the start of a discussion. it was a fact

Kontroverse: No no, I mean that the rudeness is never justifiable, and not from your part in this case.

Wan Laryukov:  when u finish your stupid show tell me to applaud

SaveMe Oh: You can applaud already. What a pity you have derendered me. It’s so great.

Wan Laryukov:  me ??

SaveMe Oh: Or are you watching in secret? haha

Wan Laryukov:  Watching what your ass hole

SaveMe Oh: Watch you language dear

Wan Laryukov:  Watch what u do. Nobody cares anymore about your stupid shows

SaveMe Oh: The nobodies you belong to don’t care, you are right about that

Wan Laryukov:  u are very well near the donkies

SaveMe Oh: How you like looking in the mirror?

Wan Laryukov:  have a nice nite

SaveMe Oh: You recognise your family, didn’t you?

Wan Laryukov:  may be yours

Teebee Paris: How childish….  please grow up

SaveMe Oh: Banning me on arrival, that’s what I call childish

Teebee Paris: Could be interesting to elaborate on this topic

SaveMe Oh: I received maybe 3 or 4 invitations for this so when she can bother me with this she should be happy I arrive

Teebee Paris: are you an artist?

SaveMe Oh: The opinion about that differs a lot. Among most idiots here I am not. : Amongst art connoisseurs I am the most important artist of SL

Teebee Paris: is griefing an expression of art? or do you have better artworks somewhere in sl?

SaveMe Oh: Yes right here

Teebee Paris: These griefing tools?

SaveMe Oh: No, art works

Teebee Paris: so it is expression of art….

SaveMe Oh: Whatever you want to call it. I don’t have to explain my art

Teebee Paris: No artist should explain… but artworks can/should generate interesting talks

SaveMe Oh: When you guys wouldn’t ban me I could participate in those talks. Would be better

Teebee Paris: sure…  talks would be better

SaveMe Oh: At least people are talking now instead of coucou each other every second

Teebee Paris: not wrong but currently are you sure you are doing more than demonstrating than those banning you are right to do it?

SaveMe Oh: I am in my own screen, so I wouldn’t know

Teebee Paris: obviously you are on your own screen…  is that a good thing?

SaveMe Oh: Well you have every choice you want

Teebee Paris: I’m sure you have. That’s why it is intriguing you make the choice to spend time and effort in this form of expression

SaveMe Oh: Hey, I am SaveMe

Teebee Paris: what that means?

SaveMe Oh: That I save you or you me

SaveMe Oh: Duna Gant, It was great. Thanks for the invitation sy next time

2 thoughts on “In My OHpinion

  1. “Karelia Kondor: I’ll come back with another viewer.. Apparently the official one does not allow derendering ..”

    This IS interesting ..not that I ever wanted to derender SaveMe or anyone else..

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